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Marriage Pressure: Why Women Especially Feel Heavily Pressured to Get Married

Marriage pressure is real, especially for women on passing their teenage years and getting into adulthood. Marriage pressure is the pressure one feels to marry or get married. It is characterized by endless questions on when you will get married and whether you have a partner. The problem is very real for women as women […]


Do You Know Yourself Enough to Really Know Someone Else

I think about ‘knowing thyself’ and to me, that just sounds like a maze you build and forget how to navigate. Can anyone really know themselves? Is it possible or is that just something that is told to try and say something else? Is self-discovery possible and how can it be done? How do you […]


Why Taking a Vacation is a No-brainer

Taking a vacation is a must. Period. There’s no better way to ensure that you attain a work-life balance. It is so important that not taking a vacation could have fatal circumstances. Yes. You could die from not taking a vacation and that is a fact. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll die and the […]


GTC Nairobi: Dream City

The GTC Nairobi or Global Trade Center is the newest face of an ever-growing Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). The mixed-use development was officially opened on the 23rd of December 2021. Nicknamed ‘Dream City’, it’s a mix-use development that is set to change the face of Nairobi in Westlands and make an offering of world-class […]


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