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The Essentials of Blogging: What I have Learnt so Far

The essentials of blogging are first and foremost a passion for blogging. That’s what’ll pull you through the tough times. The next essential of blogging is a niche. I know you know what that is so I won’t talk much about that. The next essentials of blogging include the following.

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A Positive Attitude

Like everything in life, blogging needs heart and a very positive attitude. I say very because if you want to succeed in the online space, you need a positive attitude and an ever-positive mindset. It gets really tough, especially when starting. There is so much to learn and so little time. Therefore, with a positive attitude in hand, it is much easier to deal with the tough times and anticipate success. You also need a vision board for your blogging efforts to guide you on what you really want from it.

Blogging is Hard Work. You need to be passionate about your topic.
Blogging is hard work and having a positive attitude really helps.


In the world of blogging, a crucial essential is keywords. Keywords are the currency that search engines use to quantify your ‘internet riches’. They allow you to appear on search engines and rank or be graded on the search results list. Before writing anything, research a keyword and make it a long-tail one. Also, after writing, check with an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin to check whether you have everything set for a good rank.


SEO is another huge thing you need to learn but you’ll get the gist of it over time. All I can tell you is that the longer and more detailed the post, the better.  Also ensure that you have your keyword in the first paragraph and the first, second, and third-level headings (H1, H2, H3), etc. The good thing is that you can hire SEO experts on Fiverr to assist you in your optimization efforts.

A Reliable Web Host

Your website is basically files and folders that live on a server. As such, you need a reliable web host to ensure that you are always online. This is very crucial to everything else as if your website is down most of the time, then you are bound to fail.

Blogging on a laptop. The Essentials of Blogging: What I have Learnt so Far
It’s crucial to have a reliable web host to ensure your blog succeeds. Our recommendation is Cloudways.

Cloudways Web Hosting 

I use Cloudways hosting and I have also used Dreamhost. These are reliable hosts and the best way to start off blogging is to purchase a yearly plan or even one for three years when on Dreamhost. For Cloudways, you can add funds equivalent to a year’s worth of your current package.

Why I use Cloudways

The beauty of Cloudways is that you have a choice of cloud hosting providers within their platform and for some, you can upgrade or downgrade your server resources. That is crucial especially when you get a sudden surge of users or need some resources sometimes and not always.

Having your own Domain

I would also recommend having a self-hosted website with your own domain name (e.g ManiaInc.com). I buy my domain names from Namecheap and they have a lot of offers all the time. You can find some of their deals and coupons on Mania Coupons.


Another essential for blogging is time. You need adequate time to get everything done. A good way to ensure that you make time is to have a writing schedule. A good schedule will ensure that you do content planning and have a content calendar. This is essential and will ensure you have consistency in blogging. To ensure you are always on top of tasks, use Fiverr to hire writers. We can also write articles and long content for you. Visit our Fiverr writing task page to learn more about our pricing.

Create a Content Calendar. The Essentials of Blogging
It is essential to have a content calendar to ensure you blog consistently.


Consistency is another big factor in how well you will succeed in blogging. Ensure you post consistently. The same goes for vlogging. With a content calendar in tow, you can tell your readers how often you will be posting or updating your blog. Consistency wins the day every time so ensure that you do all you can to be and remain consistent.

A good UX/UI

A good user interface or user experience will add that extra level of user-friendliness to your blog and ensure that your readers can navigate and engage with your blog. As such, it is one of the most important essentials for blogging.

A Good UI and its Effect on Search Engine Ranking

A good UI also ensures that you rank well and your blog has a good page experience. Mind you, you must ensure that your blog works on both desktop and mobile. An easy way to do this is to use a responsive theme or have a mobile version of the site in tow. A good number of readers will want to access your blog via mobile and it is such a huge blogging essential that it could have a huge impact on your income.

Mania Developers: Get a Headstart with Your New WordPress Site

PS: We can develop a WordPress site for you for around $150 for a basic site and $50 more for each extra deliverable you need, as per our web development task page on Fiverr. We specifically develop WordPress sites, having developed a dozen for ourselves and many more for others. We’ll guide you through the entire process and you can even opt for subscription-based development where we develop the site and help you maintain it monthly. You can also find developers for custom sites on Fiverr. Read more about our development services on Mania Developers.

Be Organised and Keep Time. The Essentials of Blogging
We can help you develop your WordPress site from scratch. Reach out to us or visit our Fiverr page.

Monetization/Income Streams

An essential for blogging that is rarely expounded on is a way to monetize your blog. Once you have enough content and are ranking well to have enough traffic, then you can go on to monetize and create income streams for your blog. A common way to monetize a blog is using display advertising. The most popular display advertising platforms include AdSense, PropellerAds, Adsterra, and Ezoic.

Ezoic Monetization

I monetize via Ezoic which allows you to double or even triple your Adsense income. You need Adsense, first and foremost, as the main monetization channel and Ezoic allows you to have that with an extra layer of monetization that uses the number of ad impressions to bring you income. Normally, you only get revenue when people click on your ads.

Shaky Support but Good Overall

Ezoic is one of many but has less stringent entry requirements. Their support is somewhat shaky but even with delays, they’ll eventually get back to you. As it seems, they have been getting too many sites onto their platform that they’re overwhelmed. Despite that, they are a good way to monetize.

Affiliate Marketing as an Additional Income Stream

Affiliate marketing is another way to monetize your blog. It entails entering affiliate programs by several brands and marketing their products. For affiliate marketing, you only get paid when someone purchases a product via your recommendation. As such, you get a link with your affiliate ID and can use it to market a product. Once someone uses it to purchase the product, then the brand will give you a commission that may be a set amount of cash or a percentage of the value of the product. I use ShareASale for my affiliate marketing and I am very impressed so far.

Reaching out to Brands

You can also reach out to brands and have them place their products on your blog. It’s always important to reach out to brands that sell products that are related to your niche. You can always reach out to these brands and ask them for a possible partnership. You’ll realize that in the world of blogging, it’s upon you to take up the mantle and ensure you get paid. It’s your online business after all. So reach out and let these brands know you exist and you blog on a niche that is related to their products or services.


All the best in your blogging. You’ll only do well if you actually promote your blog. Therefore, learn how to promote everything you write via social media, paid ads, and even guest blogging on other sites. You can also reach out to the press and ask them for a feature. All in all, preach your water and share it on social media. It’s unwise to light a candle and put it under a bucket. Promote and promote smartly i.e not pushing your blog down peoples’ throats. Good luck.

Promote your Blog on Social Media. Blogging on a laptop. The Essentials of Blogging: What I have Learnt so Far
Promote your blog on social media and through all other channels. It is the best way to ensure growth and success in your blogging endeavors.
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David Mania is an upcoming musician and blogger.

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