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    ‘Love Yours’ is a call to self-love and to love oneself and one’s own life. Love your life because it is a gift from God, and do not seek to be like others. Your life and you, as a person, are all you need to achieve your goals and to reach your dreams. We mostly get lost in the perception of the good lives that others seem to be living and may feel that we are not enough. It is not the case, and we are all enough, enough to ourselves, those who love us, and the world. Love yours encourages us to love who we are, what we have, and those who love us. 


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With the advent of technology and the proliferation of social media and social networking sites, we may get exposed to media portraying gleaming lifestyles and perceptions of wealth, riches, money, and pomp. As a consumer of social media and social networking content, one may become led to think that they are not doing enough or do not have what it takes to succeed as others seem to have succeeded. One may get drawn into a culture or mode of thinking that belittles their own culture, lifestyle, financial wellbeing, and how they interact with material things and wealth. However, if you look close enough, you realize that it is all vanity. People will do absolutely anything to create a notion of wealth, being happy, living a lavish lifestyle, and even being attractive. The perceptions relayed to the world are, more often than not, interpretations of a vain way of looking at life and an oversharing of one’s personal business. 

    Social Media

Social networking sites or social media has created a culture of seeking and wanting to evoke admiration, notions of attractiveness, wealth, and a sense of being above the rest. Social media culture is a kind of trailblazing where social climbers will portray exuberance as a way to gain a higher social status. Such individuals will visit places that are usually associated with wealth and celebrity life to take pictures that align with the notion or idea that they are celebrities or what we today call socialites. Socialites will act as if they live million-dollar lifestyles and cunningly portray fake or inexistent lifestyles to gain social clout and attention. An excellent example of this is music videos, where the artist will display big cars and costly jewelry. You may get drawn to think that the individual is doing really well. However, you may be surprised to know that some of these artists will hire a taxi to get to a rented mansion to shoot a music video. The cars that may evoke admiration and portray pomp mostly entail rented high-end motor vehicles that the artist does not own but has hired. As such, letting yourself feel intimidated by such is aloofness as most of what you may perceive as a luxurious life is curated to look that



    Living with Less

Love yours, love your life just the way it is. You do not need a luxury lifestyle to be happy. Do not concern yourself with what you do not have. It is a waste of time and energy. Instead, think of what you have and appreciate the good things in your life. We are all blessed in our own ways and are mostly too blind to see it. The social standards that may seem attractive and admired are just creations and imaginations created by a class of social climbers to create a perception that they are doing well. People are interesting beings and very creative in the various ways they want to create an image of themselves. Social media has become littered with such, and as a young individual, you may feel like the standards getting set are too high. The truth is that they are not only too high but also unreal. The portrayal of a false sense of success and the social pressure it causes can also be considered as part of the negative social media effects.


Do not take what you see online as factual, and even when it comes to information, always fact-check or verify the information to avoid misinformation. We must learn the needed skills to distinguish correct information and misinformation. In terms of health, misinformation can have dire consequences, and one may risk their health and wellbeing out of getting misinformed, as seen in vaccination. In micro-targeting, social media can get used to send targeted ads to unsuspecting individuals to influence them in elections and the candidates they vote for. It is, therefore, upon every one of us to not take everything that we see on social media or online as factual, real, and accurate information. Being cautious on social media is also a crucial way to avoid social media effects.



The twenty-first century is one where technology has become part of our lives. We are now more in-sync with technology than ever before in human history. It has become a part of our lives, and we are continually discovering new ways to utilize it to better our lives and provide solutions to the various problems that we may have. Technology is, therefore, here to stay. To ensure that we safeguard our online interactions and the various ways we access and consume online media and information, we need to educate ourselves on online safety and safety best practices. Securing our social spaces is part of personal security and ensuring situational awareness. When it comes to social networks, I would recommend following those accounts and people who post meaningful content. Most of the time, one may follow socialites with no meaningful agenda on social media.


To avoid being part of the consumerism that is social media pomp, one must be keen to curate their following as per what they feel is meaningful to them. Do not just follow anybody because they are famous or because they seem rich, are dramatic, or socialites, i.e., have a false sense of high social status. Loving yours is about following accounts and individuals who add value to your social media experience. It entails understanding that by seeking meaningful conversations and interactions, one can expand their creative horizon and gain new ideas. The sharing of ideas, inspiration, and creativity are the true purposes of social networking. Social networking should not, therefore, be a social experiment where we all participate in meaningless interactions and allow others to proliferate our feeds with curated, unoriginal, and unreal lifestyles and content. 



Loving your own is about appreciating who you are and what you have and that these should be all you focus your energy on. It is about realizing that no one else can appreciate your character, personality, and way of living better than yourself. There will always be someone who is doing better, driving a bigger car, and wealthier, which does not mean that you will not succeed. When someone else succeeds before you, it does not mean that you will not succeed yourself. All it means is that your time is yet to come, and you should not give up following your dreams, but keep believing and keep working hard. A lot of us are today more susceptible to feeling like failures due to comparing ourselves with others. We should all recognize that every one of us is unique, and we all have specific gifts that become manifested in unique ways. Comparing yourself to someone else is demeaning yourself as you are a unique person with a unique personality, character, and talent.


By acknowledging that you have your own path, you open yourself up to opportunity, confidence, self-love, and consequently, increase your likelihood of succeeding. Those who achieve their dreams in this world are the ones who pursue their goals and do it in their own unique way. For instance, you may be a soccer player and by developing your unique style of play, position yourself at a better chance of succeeding and becoming a professional soccer player. The same holds for any career, including music, visual arts, and even crafts. Those who develop a unique way of doing things and unique perspectives differentiate themselves from the rest, and their talent and hard work set them apart. 



‘Love yours’ also speaks to people and relationships. As an individual, loving yours entails loving your family, relatives, and those who love you. These are people who care for you and have been there for you in various capacities. Often, even those with spouses or relationships may feel like there is someone out there better for them, but this is not the case. Love yours as having someone as a partner is a gift from God. As such, one should not curtail their relationship or seek to have someone else, as the one they have is who they are meant to be with. One may spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out if the one they love is the one for them. However, realizing that everything happens for a reason and that God brings people to your life for a reason is the key to contentment and appreciating a partner.


Nothing in life just happens, and God would not allow you to be with someone undeserving, unfitting, or incapable. God will always lead us to kindness, joy, and happiness. As such, appreciate your partner and love them with all your heart. Do not entertain the idea that there may be someone else out there for you. Social media may create the false notion that there are many probable partners, but the truth is, it is all a lie. No one else can truly love you like those that do or those who are close to you. On the other hand, when relationships break or when faced by loss, we should all take it as the will of God, take time to mourn and not move on too quickly. When one takes time to themselves after breaking up, to grow, and for self-love, it allows for healing and closure. The concepts of terminal days and organic living also encourage leading more meaningful lives by adopting self-care.



Love yours also speaks to family and loving one’s family. Most of us are lucky to have families and relatives that care for us and take care of us. Some, unfortunately, don’t, and it is upon every one of us to appreciate our families and relatives. Sometimes families collide and have disagreements, but in essence, a family is a blessing. It is a gift from God, and everyone should always do their best to be there for their families. Being there is not always financial, as suggested by the notion of black tax, and most of the time, being there for one’s family is offering support, guidance, and care.  Having one’s own family is also a gift from God, and one should always do their best to ensure that they are responsible for those they love and care for. Responsibility is crucial, and everyone should always be accountable to their loved ones and care for them. We should also lend a helping hand to those that do not have a family, are orphaned, or have lost their loved ones. By extending such kindness, we give them hope, love, and appreciation in a way that glorifies God and His love for all of us. God loves all of us, and we should not be shy of sharing this love. 



Love your own life. You may lack in terms of material wealth and may be struggling. Do not look down upon yourself, and always motivate yourself to work harder and do better. However bad the situation may seem, know that God is with you and His time for your success will come, and He will bless you abundantly. We should not lose hope in the face of adversity. Hope is everything and is all we have even when we are not doing well or doing as well as expected. Let us support one another and share our issues when we are going through tough times. It is unfortunate that some have taken their own lives and committed suicide due to numerous issues and problems, including mental health issues. We should support each other and be each other’s support system and someone they can talk to. We are on this earth to serve others as a way to serve God and as such, being your brother’s or sister’s keeper is crucial. Even as we deal with social justice issues and COVID-19, let us share hope and speak words of hope. Better days are coming, and as the human species, we have proven time and again capable of overcoming adversity. 



We are, as the human species, resilient in nature. We will overcome COVID-19 and all other issues and problems that we face. ‘Love yours’ encourages all of us to appreciate ourselves. When you have done all that you can and give your best, you cannot blame yourself when something fails or does not work out as well as expected. Instead, work harder, push a little further, and keep the hope alive. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs created Pyramids, which are majestic and painstakingly difficult structures to build, in efforts to create empires that would weather the sands of time. As such, nothing comes out of nothing, and real wealth is only achieved by those who work hard and love what they do. By giving your dreams or your careers your best effort and a lot of love, the love gets reciprocated, and you do well and succeed. Passion and being passionate about you do are the keys to motivating yourself and creating the energy you need to see your dreams come to fruition. It will not happen overnight, and always allow yourself time to grow. Appreciate your work and its uniqueness and do not copy others or what they are doing. Seek to be unique and let your uniqueness shine. When you do what you do with love, your inner beauty will shine, and the world will see your light. I wish you all the success in the world. God bless.

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