Furnishings are any furniture, fittings, or accessories including carpets and curtains, used to decorate a house or room. Furnishings are, therefore, pieces and contents of an apartment or a house used for practical and aesthetic purposes. Any room can be transformed by having the correct furnishings and having them placed in the right way, as per a specific theme. The theme can be anything from a Victorian to a modern aesthetic.


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The furnishing pieces need to get sourced from a unique label or brand to complement the character and persona of the homeowner. Moreover, the homeowner can request for custom furnishings to ensure that their ideas and preferences are factored in, in the manufacture and assembly of such furnishings. When it comes to furnishings, consumerism is unideal and the more unique and cultured the piece, the better the impression, and statement it will make. 



For those who are avid travelers and have traveled all over the world, their adventures can more often than not, be seen and touched as they will have the opportunity to bring furnishings with them. These include curios, frozen animals, or even culturally-linked pieces such as French Oak pieces or Turkish carpets and bathroom pieces. By being an avid traveler, one can appreciate other cultures and bring something tactile back with them from their visits. Those with the means can even source tiles from exotic locations such as Morroco, in their thousands. With adequate resources, a sense of style and bravery, or will, any stylistic appetite can be satisfied.


      Insatiable Style

Not everyone has a satiable sense of style and those with excesses, in terms of style appetites, can go all the way to ensure that they have a unique, custom, and well-valued home. Think of paintings such as Van Goghs, elegant Brazilian wood furniture, million-dollar granite tabletops, and pomp in its most unapologetic. The elites of the world can tell you a thing or two about furnishings and their collections of out-of-this-world pieces. Some even have animals, alive or frozen, as furnishings and statement pieces. I imagine if you had access to a celebrity with such an appetite for exotic animals, you would realise that they could as well open a zoo due to the numerous exotic animals they keep. Animal and animal parts trade is tightly regulated, and animals’ rights advocates are adamant that the trading in exotic animals is wrong, and one should refrain from it.


      Statement Pieces

Furnishings can be literal statement pieces and bring a mood or character into a space. When I think of character in a space, I think of elegant pieces with a deep and well-known history. Pieces as little as a golden pencil on display can turn a room into a museum of rich culture and heritage. The same holds for family heirlooms. Those with the will can create a family room where all the memorabilia pieces, of several generations, can be displayed and appreciated. By having all this culture and life in furnishings, one can capture the imagination of others and increase the value of their spaces. When someone creates an indoor pool with gold-coated tiling and a glass-display wall, for example, then the value of their abode increases ten or twenty-fold. Those with exotic homes in places such as the islands of Hawaii have properties that can only get a valuation in the tens of millions of dollars. The lifestyle of the rich and famous has a lot to do with a culture of pomp, high-quality, and expensive furnishings.



Furnishings can complement or get complemented by the aesthetic of the location of the property. Island or beach properties can have sliding doors or entire sliding walls, to allow for intake of sea breezes. Such action would mean that the homeowner could open up their house to the outside in a way that it almost becomes part of outdoor living. It would essentially open up the house to nature. The same holds for homes in tropical locations and islands, such as Zanzibar or Hawaii. Alternatively, for inland homes or those in game reserves or wildlife areas like the Maasai Mara, they can have a wild aesthetic and entail some local woodwork and sisal furniture. The most impressive thing is that with the right knowledge, homeowners can grow furniture by choosing the right trees that can curve and watch their pieces come to life over time. Alternatively, they can carve out furniture out of exotic trees.

A good example is the Baobab tree and its vast size. I do not advocate for cutting down trees, and anyone who legally acquires wood should also ensure that they give back to mother nature , and plant several trees for every one they cut down. By giving back, we can show and express our inner beauty.


      Unlimited Creativity

The possibilities are endless when it comes to furnishings, and there is no limit to the creativity one can express in a space. Even with limited space or in outdoor living, furnishings can be the attraction and comfort of the room or area. For those who are keen to entertain guests, having cultured pieces and ones with a rich history can mean endless conversation with, and between guests. I bet it is an excellent feeling to wow guests with furnishings that are decades old or have a touching story and history. We should reimagine spaces and complement our inner beauty by outwardly expressing our characters through



      Unique Pieces

Homeowners can conduct intense research to allow the sourcing of qualified, talented, and skilled creators who can capture their ideas. Instead of purchasing pieces that have been somewhat mass-produced or generic ones, one can invest the time and money to buy unique pieces. The best thing is that these items appreciate their value and sentiment over time, and can significantly increase the overall value of a home. For those who are keen and avid enthusiasts when it comes to furnishings and interior decor, or even outdoor living, seeing such a piece would trigger appreciation and marvel. Enthusiasts draw inspiration from beautiful works and well-thought-out pieces. As such, there is a whole market and fanbase for decor, and conducting useful research could mean inspiration for you as a homeowner, or even as one seeking or aspiring to own a home one day.


       Limited Space

You don’t need a mansion to express yourself through your furnishings. Any individual, even those living in apartments, however small, can visit the flea market and source unique and beautiful pieces to complement their space. The good thing is that creators also factor in homes with limited space. They can combine style with utility and compactness, to produce pieces that can fit in a small apartment. Only through looking can one find the furnishings that would suit them and their space. The more cultured the article and the more compelling its history, the better the statement it will make. Statement pieces are seldom found and can be very difficult to source. As such, having one can be the difference between being decor-loyalty and just an enthusiast. Enthusiasts can, however,  become decor-royalty by investing the time and resources needed to create emotional experiences in interior decor.

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