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    Interior decor is essentially decorations or furnishings inside a room or house. Outside the house, the decor is part of outdoor living. Interior decor is a field or a profession in its own right, even as it falls under design. It is also referred to as interior design. Interior decor is very concerned with the various ways interior spaces can be decorated, to capture an intended aesthetic or feel. 


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:


      Interior Designers

Interior designers are trained professionals who have extensive knowledge of design and how various furnishings can be included or excluded to complement the intentions of the homeowner. This intent can be an era, a feel, character, or a personal choice. Homeowners, through the help of interior designers, can transform spaces into much more comfortable, moody, and recognizable spaces. Spaces can also be modified to increase their utility or usefulness and to join several aesthetics. For instance, a homeowner can choose to build their home in a building that was previously a warehouse or studio, and decide to retain some walls or other aspects of the previous building. As such, interior designers blend the vision of the homeowner, the space that is there, and what is done with it. 



Decor is a precious word, and it almost instantaneously ignites the imagination and creativity of an individual. Immediately you think of that word ‘decor’; your mind gets thrown into a space where there is beautiful furniture, liveliness, and color. It is precisely what decor, and especially interior decor, is all about. It is a serious thing, and even cups and plates need to fall in line for a space to capture the design intent of the homeowner. That is why you would find a modern living area joined to a kitchen having a display of wine glasses hanging upside down, for instance.


      Intentional Style

Decor is very much intentional, and interior decor in no way confines the intentions of the homeowner and designer. Even with limited space, the designer can capture a feel or mood just as easily as they would in a mansion. In this light, the decor is like music, no wonder where you feel it, it strikes just the same. To bring this picture to mind, think of decor as a puzzle of what needs inclusion in a space, and how it needs to be placed concerning other pieces to create an overall look. By ensuring that the right article goes at the right place with regard to everything else, the ‘puzzle’ is solved and the intended aesthetic or look



      Victorian Style

When I speak of a mansion, what comes to my mind is an English castle and the various sculptures that are surrounding the estate, and even part of its walls. By having to drive up to the villa, you would not expect space to be a problem. On entering the main door, also, you would not expect an ultra-modern interior decor or aesthetic. It indicates that already, the interior decor is very much a part of the outdoor aspect and the environment of the particular space. For instance, if you visit the blue streets in Morocco, you can already anticipate the Arabian feel that you would get inside a Morrocan home. The tiling, for example, can entail Arabic and somewhat Persian patterns that you would instantaneously recognize and relate to the culture of the Arabian world. This relativity is very much what determines what is included in a space as part of interior decor.


       Minimalism and Maximalism

Interior decor can be minimalist or maximalist. Minimalism interior decor entails simplistic and mostly black and white colors. Such a space intends to capture a certain calmness and not overwhelm the senses. Minimalist spaces can be effortless to get comfortable in and can have very few, but strategic pieces. By the colors in that space, the furnishings can have a significant impact on the overall feel or aesthetic. Alternatively, interior decor can be maximalist. Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism and is a bombardment of the senses by the decor, having a lot of bright and vibrant colors. The exuberance simply hits you as you enter the space. In this style, furnishings can be dynamic and intense pieces that all contribute to the excesses of maximalism.


Maximalism is very ultra-modern and speaks more to the younger generation. Spaces that have genuinely achieved maximalism are greedy for the senses and take a liking to endure and appreciate. There are also other styles, including steampunk and Victorian styles, among others. The victorian feel is the old English feel and the castle-like aesthetic. Steampunk, on the other hand, blends the victorian style with modern pop art and utilizes metal and metal coatings such as copper and brass. Through the use of such metal and seemingly electrifying, and even literally electricity-imbibed pieces, steampunk oozes a mid-modern feel and aesthetic. 



Interior decor is one of the overarching considerations when one intends to own a home. The more resourceful the individual can be, the better the interior decor facilitations of their home. With a passion for collecting and an eye for over-the-top furnishings, a homeowner can effectively transform their space into immersive art. I think we should all visit Buckingham Palace to understand what interior decor is, and what it can be. Such pomp is unreserved specifically royalty, and a creative mind can capture the essence of interior decor even in a small apartment. In this case, it is the actual thought, and the creativity to transform pieces into art, that counts. Depending on how good one is in interior decor, even small spaces are made to feel bigger. One should not be held back by limited space or resources. However big or small one’s budget, a space can be made to exude an emotional feel and tactile richness. For instance, I bet only a few people have seen a couch bed. 


      A Challenge

I challenge you to create an emotional feel with some furnishings as part of your interior decor. Share your picture on the comment section, and we’ll discuss what you have come up with. Interior design can be a passion for you and can lead you into the most beautiful places on earth in search of pieces. There are even individuals who collect furnishings, refurbish them, and then resell them. There are also specialist websites where you can find new or refurbished original pieces dating back centuries. It is only a matter of knowing where to look. Primarily if you reside in the U.K, you are spoilt for choice. My challenge to you is to go out to a flea market and explore. I bet you will find a unique piece that complements your style and character. Personally, a wooden feel and aesthetic would be the best characterization of myself when it comes to interior decor. Let your inner beauty shine, and be creative. Don’t forget to furnish the outdoors also as part of outdoor living

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