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Alcohol Withdrawal


The withdrawal syndrome for alcohol becomes diagnosed when either of the two occurs. The individual exhibits alcohol withdrawal symptoms that do not get attributed to any other medical conditions or disorders. Also, when there is clear and concise evidence of recent reduction or cessation of alcohol after unusually and repeated high dose or prolonged use.


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Numerous withdrawal effects can be experienced and include seizures and DT or delirium tremens. It is an intense withdrawal that is characterized by shaking, sweating, irregular heartbeats, and shivering. It could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or even be fatal.



Dependence on alcohol gets appreciated as a form of alcohol use disorder that is characterized, with severity, when an individual develops symptoms of withdrawal after cessation of alcohol taking. Cessation could be due to difficulty in procuring, self-motivation, or family pressure, among others.



Research recognizes a misconception that cessation leads to more problems as compared to the continuation of consumption. Studies establish that this could hold for individuals who are dependent, and they may suffer symptoms of withdrawal, including the following—DT, seizures, hallucinations, autonomic arousal, among others.


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