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    Fighting anxiety is a part of life, and life can entail numerous anxieties due to the perpetual fact that we humans do not have all the answers. We mostly don’t have most answers and are bound to remain in numerous fears or anxieties while trying to figure out what will happen, when it will happen, or why it will happen. Such unknowns are what causes anxiety. An excellent example is the loss of life or death, and the anxiety potential it has. Death is a big unknown in life, and if one allows themselves to be disturbed by it, then they may create anxiety for themselves. 


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:


    A Condition

Anxiety is a condition or a disorder such as Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, and can get treated using therapies, including Cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT. Treating anxiety can be a lengthy and complicated process where the individual suffering the condition has to get reconditioned to face anxieties and recondition their thinking in terms of what anxieties mean and what they lead them to do. Anxieties are fears or phobias that one should not concentrate their time or energy on. Life is meant to entail innumerable unknowns. We should all accept that we will lack a lot of answers. We may not have the reasons why and probably we will never have to some questions such as why people die. If one does not allow themselves cynical intrigue by anxiety, they can ensure that they stay healthy, and take care of their mental health. Think of the current pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, we may lack the answers as to why COVID-19 had to be, and at this point, those reasons do not matter, and honestly, I don’t think they exist. What matters now is picking up the pieces and finding a way to move forward. Times have been rough, and we, as the human species, will get through this, albeit with immeasurable loss.



Fighting anxiety takes a little abstraction and shifting attention away from glaring facts or realities that we do not like. These may include confronting issues such as death, loss, broken relationships, and failure, among others. All these and many others may make one feel weak, but in the long run, make you stronger. It is human and human nature to suffer all these and even anxieties about the same. However, as an individual, one should have the internal strength and inner beauty to recognize that time heals most pain.


Moreover, even as what or who one has lost may never come back, the individual can draw comfort from knowing that they knew and loved that person while they were alive or around. In this light, suffering loss or a broken relationship should be more of a celebration of the time spent and not unending mourning or grief. By allowing yourself to celebrate the existence and love shared with that individual, one can confront and defeat their anxiety.



Anxiety, in some respects, is the elephant in the room. It can be so impactful to an individual if they lack the bravery to dissuade themselves from getting too influenced or affected by the events in their lives. For example, when I think of airplanes and flying, I get a lot of anxiety. I have never been on a plane, but I even get dreams of flying. Flying or travel by air became cited as the safest mode of transportation, and that does not do anything to wade away my anxiety. When I think about getting on a plane, I get a little light-headed. I think about the size of a 787, for instance, and just seeing it up close would give me the jitters. To imagine that something the size of a small building can go airborne defeats me.


Nonetheless, I look forward to flying. I may have to sleep on the journey or shout a little once there is turbulence, but I am so looking forward to fighting and defeating that anxiety. Anxieties, as you can see, are irrational mini-fears and fears that an individual allows to scare them or freak them out a little. I mean, in my case, planes have been there for more than a century thanks to the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur. I should not worry myself, therefore, on the technicalities of flight and the science and innovation behind aviation. I should, instead, aspire to fly and to do it and enjoy it. 


    Health  and Wellness

In terms of health and wellness, anxiety can be a condition and a disorder and can effectively leave the individual in a state of mental paralysis and perpetual fear. One can become so fearful that they may even be afraid of leaving the house. True to the word, there have been and are cases where individuals have stayed indoors and conducted a stay-in for weeks or months on end. Something like Obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD, can infuse anxieties for dirt or germs, and these can lead the individual to undertake extreme measures to avoid them, such as frequent and excessive handwashing. To prevent becoming clinically anxious, we need to learn to approach life with just the right amount of bravery and toughness. We need to accept that life is like an intricate maze and that we are all trying to figure it out. Maybe life is not about figuring it out, and it’s about doing your best while trying. Perhaps life is about not having all the answers and lacking idealness and perfection. Maybe living life and leading a fulfilling life is about lacking, suffering, and collecting yourself every time. Picking up the pieces and moving forward despite the pain. In this light, fighting anxiety has a lot to do with perspective. Think of life as a prism or looking glass, and depending on where and how you look, a different truth may appear. When we give ourselves instructions to take it in as it comes, we can ensure happiness and decrease anxiety.


    Learning and Instructions

In my view, when you approach life as a learner and whoever you meet becomes your teacher, then the truth will not be held from you.  If you have read several lifestyle and culture novels such as eat, pray, love, you have some insight on the possibilities one may lock themselves out of if they lack the strength to move forward and accept the things they cannot change. By disallowing anxieties within our lives, we can develop inner beauty and strength and allow ourselves to leave the things that tear us apart and embrace those that try to build us up. I know that life is not a boolean equation where everything is either yes or no, black or white, and sometimes we become so invested in something or someone, and leaving seems like it would tear us into pieces. I know the feeling of being wholly accepting and allowing oneself to love, even when knowing that it could lead to pain and hurt. Some will say that nothing lasts as in boys and power, but we cannot let the anxiety of something getting broken push us away from those we love, have loved, or want to



    God and The Universe

I believe that if you want something and give it your best, the universe and God will recognize and see your love and effort. They will align the stars and grant you your wishes. Yes, stars will align for you and the universe, and God will give you what you wish. If your wish is noble, honest, and becomes accompanied by hard work and effort, your wants and desires will get granted. When this anxiety of failure, brokenness, or loss becomes taken away, and you let it go away from you, you allow yourself to grow and to achieve all the things you have wanted and want. We mostly want to think that life will be bad for us, and this is most certainly not true. Life will be good and has been and can be good. Despite one’s anxieties and their current situation or circumstances, there will always be potential for good and for one to succeed, out of their honest effort.


I heard a story somewhere of a boy who wanted a girl, and she would ignore him and give him the usual disinterest. He, on the other hand, decided to learn a love song and practiced it for a while. One day he felt ready and on seeing the girl, asked her for a moment to sing for her. He sang the love song, and tears were flowing down the girl’s cheek. She became so touched by the song and the effort to practice and sing it. If this boy allowed anxiety to defeat his will, he would probably never have had such an impact. The moral of the story is, do not give up and do not relent. You’ve got this, and you are strong enough and have what it takes to succeed. You are a pillar of strength, and the nations will reverberate your prowess when you work as hard as possible. 


    Taking a Chance

Fighting anxiety is a part of life, and even thinking about it, anxiety plays a counter-intuitive role in letting us feel like we could fail to push us or nudge us to succeed. I imagine if the great Muhammad Ali never felt a few punches, he could never have amassed the will and strength to be the greatest. It doesn’t mean that he never had anxieties or never got nervous before a fight, but only that he never let this cloud his will and strength. Imagine the strength and power it takes for one to get in a ring with a fighter and to invite punches. Even more insane, is to do this professionally and to have one’s job as taking and giving blows in a ring, with thousands of people shouting in the audience. The discipline, dedication, and concentration it takes to be a boxer should be the hallmark for success and fighting anxiety. You have what it takes to succeed, you can do it, and all you need to do is to take a chance. Taking a chance on yourself is all you have to do. Do not allow anxiety to take over your life, and whatever it is you may be going through, it will pass, and everything is going to be alright. Be strong; stay healthy. Let your bravery and inner beauty shine.  

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