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The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman


The Yellow wallpaper is a vivid first-hand description of being away from typical or usual environments or circumstances and having to change one’s lifestyle and way of living. It is due to a mild depression that the speaker is diagnosed with by her husband. She feels that she is well and capable of going outside, working, and being her usual self, but her husband maintains that she must refrain from straining herself.


In today’s world, the disease is causing the same circumstances for us where the government and authorities restrict movement, and even as we feel we are well, we got asked to avoid straining and to stay away from work. The yellow paper is, in this case, very relevant to what the world is going through as part of the current pandemic.


The effects of being locked down lead the speaker to personalize a wallpaper that she detests. The mental effects of this restriction and all the free time she has, lead her to think that she sees a woman behind the yellow wallpaper. These hallucinations characterize the effects of disease on mental and physical wellbeing and health.


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