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Marriage Pressure: Why Women Especially Feel Heavily Pressured to Get Married

A marriage

Marriage pressure is real, especially for women on passing their teenage years and getting into adulthood. Marriage pressure is the pressure one feels to marry or get married. It is characterized by endless questions on when you will get married and whether you have a partner. The problem is very real for women as women are expected by society to get married as soon as they’re off college and into their working lives.

Can You Get Married with 2 Kids?

Marriage pressure can be very arduous especially when there are kids in the picture. As a lady and a lady with two kids, life can be hellish when you are trying to raise your children alone and having to contend with dating life in hopes of getting married someday. Kids complicate one’s chances of marriage but are a blessing nonetheless. No one should be made to feel like they will end up alone just because they had kids in their younger years and out of wedlock. Even more, no mother should be made to feel unmarriable just because she had kids and did so with someone who later refused responsibility or ran away.

A mom with her kids
Being a mom should be a plus when looking for a spouse. Even more, being a single mother should be appreciated as a tell-tale to the strength of a woman.

Single mothers deserve marriage just like everyone else and pressurizing them to get married doesn’t help. It is possible to get married even with children and anyone out there looking for a spouse or partner should be open-minded about the person they may find.

The Benefits of Marrying Someone who Already has Kids

Marrying someone with kids can be a joy as it would give you a full family and extra responsibilities as a step-dad or step-mom. It can teach you a lot about parenthood and make you a parent, something that is hugely satisfying and happiness-inducing. Therefore, if the person you love has kids and is a single mom or dad, give them a chance and do not love them any less for being parents.

The Causes of Single Parenthood

Single parenthood can be a result of separation or even the death of a spouse and it is, therefore, crucial that you, as a would-be spouse, respect and remain sensitive to their previous relationship and how it ended. You should be careful not to judge or make negative comments about single parenthood and the particular circumstances that made them end up as a single parent.

A mom and daughter
A woman who has a kid is a nurturer and should not face marriage pressure on top of the already arduous role of raising a child.

How to Relate with Your Partner’s Kids

Treat your partner’s kids as you would your own and love them unconditionally. Even when you have your own kids with their parents, love them all the same and be there as a parent for all of them. It can be tough at first, but if you show your love for them, they will eventually warm up to you and if you’re lucky, refer to you as ‘mom’ or ‘dad’.

Can You Get Married Too Late?

There is no perfect time to get married. We are made to think that the perfect time to marry is in our 20s or the latest being our 30s. However, you can get married when you want to. Some people even get married in their 40s or 50s. Even so, if you want to have kids with your spouse and are a lady, be mindful to ensure that your timing is good and you can have kids at the age you get married.

A bride holding flowers
There is no right time to get married or marry. Marry at your own time and only when you find the right person. If you want kids, make sure you pay attention to your biological clock to ensure you can have kids when married.

My Experience with Marriage Pressure

Personally, I’ve felt marriage pressure especially as my dad and brother both got married at 24 and I’m now 24 with no idea if I’m gonna get married or even to whom. That is fine and what I know is you don’t have to get married at a particular age just because your parents or siblings did. We live in different times and to be honest, our times are a little bit taxing. As such, get married at your own time and when you know and are sure that you’ve found the right person.

Do Parents Exacerbate Marriage Pressure?

Unfortunately, in most cases, parents are the source of marriage pressure. In other cases, they exacerbate the marriage pressure posited by society. For instance, if your church group colleagues all get married, your parents will likely point that out and ask you if you have met someone. In my view, parents should be sensitive when discussing marriage and advise their kids to get married at their own time and when they find the right person.

The Role of Parents in Alleviating Marriage Pressure

Parents should encourage their kids to take their time before marrying someone to get to know them better and figure out if they are the right fit for a spouse. Parental marriage pressure can be so bad that parents will sometimes recommend or choose a spouse for their children and I think that has been passed by time. If it’s tradition, then one can choose to go that way but if it’s not for you then go out there and find your own partner.

Comforting someone facing marriage pressure.
Parents should play the crucial role of alleviating their kids’ marriage pressure and not exacerbating it. Parents should always encourage their kids to get married or marry at their own time and when they are sure they have found the right partner. After all, marriage is a lifelong engagement.

Are Forced or Arranged Marriages Still a Thing?

Gone are the days for forced or ‘strategic’ and arranged marriages. We do not live in the time of monarchies and even if you were a prince or princess today, I’d still think that you should get married out of love and find the right fit for you. One should also be married or marry out of choice. You have the right to choose to marry and who to marry.

Petals forming a love shape. Marriage Pressure.
You have the right to choose if and when to marry or get married. Even more, you have the right to choose who to get married to and to have a successful marriage, they should be someone you are in love with.

What to Do When Facing Marriage Pressure?

When you are facing marriage pressure please stand up for yourself. Sit your parents down or your friends or the person or people pressuring you to get married and make it crystal clear that the decision of marriage is yours to make and only yours. Let them know that you can choose whether to get married or not and most importantly, who to get married to if you choose marriage as something you want for yourself.

Should You Get Married Out of Marriage Pressure?

Do not marry or get married just to wade off marriage pressure. It could lead to you ending up in an abusive or broken marriage or even feeling drained or broken with a family you did not want. It is just as important to find out and let your partner know whether you want kids or not. Find out if you and your would-be spouse want kids and how many you both want. If it’s none for your partner and you want kids, then they may not be the right fit for you. If both of you want kids, agree on the number and start family planning early. The choice of the number of kids is important as it will affect your finances and having an excessively big family could mean lacking the finances to provide the best possible care to all the kids or to educate all of them until college.

A couple pinkie swearing promising each other not to give in to marriage pressure.
Know your partner and what they except from marriage before you get married to or marry them. Agree on the number of kids and start family planning early.

Are You Facing Marriage Pressure?

Marriage pressure should not exist but it unfortunately does. To beat it you need to be assertive and know yourself. You need to draw a line on what people can say or not say about the topic and make a stand that you will follow your own path. Have you faced marriage pressure? If so, from whom? Let us know in the comments section.

Do You Know Yourself Enough to Really Know Someone Else

Do You Know Yourself Enough to Really Know Someone Else

I think about ‘knowing thyself’ and to me, that just sounds like a maze you build and forget how to navigate. Can anyone really know themselves? Is it possible or is that just something that is told to try and say something else? Is self-discovery possible and how can it be done?

How do you Know Yourself?

You self-discover by understanding who you are internally and accurately judging what others think of you. Internal self-awareness entails assessing what is important to you, why it matters, and what you should do to ensure that it remains well or unbothered. For instance, if your job is important to you, then knowing yourself is knowing that it is, why it is important to you, and what you can do to ensure job security.

A woman doing yoga. Know yourself
Meditation and yoga are great ways to understand your feelings and thus know yourself.

Several ways to know yourself include:

  1. By pursuing mindfulness through yoga or meditation.
  2. By asking yourself thoughtful questions such as why do I pray?
  3. By being honest with yourself.
  4. By understanding what others think of you and whether their opinions should or should not matter.
  5. By taking an online personality test.

Is Knowing Yourself Important?

Knowing yourself is important as it allows you a better understanding of the various ways you would navigate particular situations. For instance, when you know yourself then you can understand and anticipate how you would react if you lost your job; would you sulk and start doubting yourself or would you step up to the challenge, start finding a new job and examine what you did wrong to avoid such an occurrence in the future?

Can You Know Yourself?

It is possible to know yourself and the best way to do so is to make an effort towards self-discovery. For example, taking an online personality test can be one of the quickest ways to know yourself. Self-discovery and self-awareness is, however, a process that takes time and includes repetitive attempts at gathering information about yourself. It’s a little bit like anthropology or geology where geologists do all they can to uncover knowledge about fossils.

Who Said Know Yourself?

The phrase “know thyself/know yourself” has been attributed to the Greek philosopher Socrates who also said that “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Knowing Someone Else

Knowing someone else is a whole other minefield especially when you do not know yourself. It is possible to know someone else even on a deeper level but it takes mutual effort and understanding. The two of you have to sit down and talk and get to figure things out about each other.
It’s a cumbersome process but one that can be done when the two of you respect one another, care for each other, and have shock-absorbers to navigate the process.

A couple watching the sunset. Know yourself
Knowing someone else takes time and effort. You should also be prepared to learn things about them that you may not like.

You should be prepared to learn things you might not like about them and know how to react to any shockers. Someone may open up to you and if you respond to something shocking or something you don’t like negatively, that may lead them to close up and not open up to you anymore.

How to Understand Others’ Feelings

Understanding others’ feelings entails the following.

  1. Being empathetic and putting yourself in their shoes.
  2. Having enough information about them to know what leads them to anger or joy.
  3. Knowing their personality and personality traits.
  4. Talking and communicating with them regularly and establishing constant contact.
  5. Creating a sense of safety and assuring them that they can talk to you comfortably about anything and no matter how good and bad things are, you will take whatever you are told positively and empathetically without judging or disliking them.
A couple talking
Being empathetic is a great starting point while trying to understand others’ feelings.

How to Get to Know Someone on a Deeper Level

Getting to know someone on a deeper level can be done by constantly communicating with them in a way that ensures they feel that they can talk to you. For instance, you can get to know a friend on a deeper level if they are assured that the friendship is solid and is based on a strong foundation of respect, care, and being there for one another.

A man and woman in love. Know yourself
A solid foundation of care, respect, and friendship is a great way to get to know someone on a deeper level.

Process of Getting to Know Someone

The process of getting to know someone is as follows.

  1. Meeting them and spending time together doing something that you both like.
  2. Keeping constant communication and interaction.
  3. Opening up to one another and sharing your feelings about your struggles and what is important to you.
  4. Being discreet about what is shared with you and being trustworthy enough to keep secrets.
  5. Communicating and relating respectfully and with a mutual love for one another.

How to get to Know Someone in a Relationship

Getting to know someone in a relationship entails mutuality in how you feel about one another. Several ways to get to know someone in a relationship include the following.

  1. Talking often and regularly.
  2. Being an active listener.
  3. Showing that you care and will be there for them no matter how bad things get.
  4. Opening up to them and letting them know that they can open up to you.
  5. Establishing a sense of trust and security.
Lovebirds. Know yourself
Establishing a sense of security and trust is instrumental to getting to know someone in a relationship.

Why Taking a Vacation is a No-brainer

A tropical vacation destination

Taking a vacation is a must. Period. There’s no better way to ensure that you attain a work-life balance. It is so important that not taking a vacation could have fatal circumstances. Yes. You could die from not taking a vacation and that is a fact. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll die and the postmortem will say “cause of death: not taking a vacation”, but it could be fatal. The cause of fatality would be as a result of deteriorating health and an ever-increasing level of stress and exertion to both your body and mind.

Breaking the Monotony of Everyday Work

The way I like to think of a vacation is to see it as a stopover whenever you’re traveling and taking a road trip. If I took my car on a trip across the country, then the car and I would require stopovers and periods of rest to ensure that we both perform at peak effectiveness. As such, as simple as it is to just take some time and let the car and yourself rest during a trip, then it should be as easy to take a vacation. Breaking the monotony of everyday life and work is crucial and provides better overall results as you will be more productive and perform at peak effectiveness, thus leading to increased profitability.

A beach to visit while taking a vacation
The beach is always calling on you to take a vacation.

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Vacation

The best reason to take a vacation is that you need it and even if you do not know it, you want it. Apart from that here are more reasons.

  1. There’s no better way to reward your body for allowing you good health to work and make a living.
  2. Taking a vacation tells your mind and body that you care and you will always do what’s best for your health.
  3. Taking a vacation improves your performance so much that you would never realize your potential and work at peak effectiveness if you didn’t take a vacation.
  4. A vacation is fun and you’ll love it.
  5. It’s a good way to do something you have always wanted to do but lacked the time.
  6. A vacation could mean taking a paid leave and literally getting paid to travel and enjoy yourself.
  7. Life is too short and if you want to visit somewhere or see a site then a vacation will help you do that.
  8. Taking a vacation could mean crossing out one more thing off your bucket list.
  9. Taking a vacation could be a good opportunity to connect and network in a relaxed setting.
  10. Taking a vacation is good for your overall health and wellness. It is also very good for your spiritual wellbeing and visiting a religious site could help you rediscover your spiritual self and nourish it.
Your health is directly dependent on you taking some time off and relaxing.

Does Taking a Vacation Relieve Stress?

Taking a vacation does relieve stress. It relieves stress so well that you may not need to worry about anything that would be stressing you out for a while. It helps other stress management efforts by giving you the opportunity and time to be away from work and other stressors.

A man on a vacation
Boy or girl, we all need to let our feet up on a hammock and take some time away from everyday life.

Research on Vacations

Research indicates that meditation and taking a vacation have overlapping effects. According to studies, taking a vacation increases happiness even as in some cases that effect fades in a few weeks. However, to avoid said fading, it’s important to take vacations that inculcate a higher sense of connectedness with your wellness and spirituality. For instance, a journey to discover Indian Buddhist religion and religious practices could teach you meditation and give you a higher sense of connection to self, nature, and the things around you. The best way to illustrate this is to reference the book and movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ By not only taking a vacation but doing it as a journey to discover a new way of living or a new and preferably higher purpose, then a vacation could have long-lasting positive effects on your happiness.

Toy car showing a travel van
To make things even more interesting, you could take a vacation via a road trip.

5 Benefits of Taking a Vacation During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic sure did enough to mess up work and plans but as things continually open up, taking a vacation may just be what you need to overcome the trauma of the pandemic. It has been a gruesomely tough two years now and we all need to take some time away from where we have been locked down and what we have been doing throughout the pandemic. The benefits of taking a vacation during COVID include the following.

  1. Relaxation and being away from work, school, or other places where there are lockdowns or restrictions due to the pandemic. It also means being away from places you could be exposed to the virus.
  2. Stress relief by realizing a sense of ‘things can still be good even with a raging pandemic.’
  3. The opportunity to visit places that would be otherwise crowded giving you the time and space to take-in experiences and sites more intimately.
  4. COVID has meant that companies work more flexibly and if you work from home then it’s that much easier to take a vacation and even work from the place you are visiting. Remote working or telecommuting presents an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.
  5. Taking a vacation during COVID could also mean having the opportunity to ‘run away’ from adversely affected locations and seek refuge elsewhere while on vacation.

GTC Nairobi: Dream City

GTC Nairobi

The GTC Nairobi or Global Trade Center is the newest face of an ever-growing Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). The mixed-use development was officially opened on the 23rd of December 2021. Nicknamed ‘Dream City’, it’s a mix-use development that is set to change the face of Nairobi in Westlands and make an offering of world-class work, play, and living luxuries.

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GTC Height

The GTC is an investment that encompasses 6 buildings including its tallest which is the GTC Office tower that is 184m (604 ft) long, with 43 stories.

GTC Nairobi Height
The GTC Office Tower is the second tallest building in Kenya.

The GTC office tower is currently the second largest building in Nairobi, preceded by Britam towers which sits at 200m (660 ft) long with 32 stories. To mark the significance of GTC Nairobi, the fourth largest building in the city is its Hotel Tower which is 143m (469 ft) long with 35 stories.

What the GTC Entails

The GTC is a 40 billion development that sits on 7 acres. It hosts six towers including its office tower, the hotel tower, a boutique shopping mall, and four residential apartment towers with an average of 28 – 31 floors.

GTC Mixed-use Development
The GTC Nairobi is a $400 million mixed-use development.

Apartment Towers

The apartment towers will include 1-3 bedroom apartments and 4 bedroom penthouses. The apartments will also feature rooftop gardens that will entail numerous amenities including swimming pools, children’s playground, with services such as cafes, gyms, spas, and hair and nail salons, etc.

GTC Apartment
The interior decor of one of GTC Nairobi’s apartments.

Boutique Shopping Mall

The shopping mall is located on the western edge of Chiromo lane and sits on a podium that will connect to Chiromo lane via a bridge. The GTC also boasts a family area that includes a swimming pool, children’s play area, and lounging area.

GTC Shopping Mall
The GTC’s Boutique Shopping Mall.

GTC Nairobi Location

GTC Nairobi is located in Westlands, Nairobi at the intersection of Chiromo road and Waiyaki way in close proximity to Villa Rosa Kempinski and the Mirage. GTC is also just a stone’s throw away from the Nairobi Expressway which is currently under construction and slated to be completed by March 2022.

GTC Nairobi Jobs

The beauty of a new establishment of the scale of the GTC Nairobi is the promise it brings in terms of employment. The construction of GTC has well-created thousands of jobs for both local and foreign workers but is slated to create even more as it kicks into operation. As such, hundreds if not thousands of workers will get employment in numerous professions including hospitality, security, construction, and building maintenance, and retail, among many others.

GTC Nairobi Apartments Price

The prices for renting or buying an apartment at GTC Nairobi are yet to be revealed even as the company is accepting custom offers. You can, however, visit their website: gtc.co.ke for more information.

GTC Show Apartment
A show apartment at the GTC Nairobi.

GTC Nairobi Owner

GTC Nairobi is owned by a Chinese firm by the name of AVIC international. The company will operate GTC towers in Nairobi and headquarter its Africa operations in the GTC office towers.

JW Marriott Hotel

The GTC towers will also house a 35-story JW Marriott hotel that is slated to give Villa Rosa Kempinski a run for its money. The hotel is seen as an emerging interpretation of first-class international hospitality encapsulated in the Kenyan city of Nairobi. According to plans, the hotel will host over 50 serviced apartments, a 750 square meter ballroom, and 315 guest rooms.

Years of Court Battles for the GTC

The mixed-use development that is GTC has faced numerous court battles chief among them against Simba Corp, the parent company that owns Villa Rosa Kempinski, mostly due to environmental concerns. Analysts say, however, that it was more of a case of the ‘stealing of site and grandeur’ that the new development has presented to the Kempinski hotel. Even more, there had been concerns that hiving off part of Chiromo Lane Road would cause a traffic snarl-up in the area, blocking access to Kempinski.

Barriers to Investment in the Country

The court battles that preceded the GTC Nairobi coming to life are a shame for the country as they could be translated as a barrier to entry for foreign investors looking to make an investment in the country. Kenya still has a long way to go to ensure that it streamlines the investment process in the country by avoiding bureaucracy and uncalled for legal battles for investors looking to make a mark on its economy.

The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society

The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society

What is Patriarchy?

Patriarchy can be simply defined as male domination or control. It is the domination and control of the male gender in all aspects of society be it in industry, corporate life, marriage, the church, and also politics and leadership. Patriarchy is the unequal distribution of opportunity, power, wealth, and resources to the male gender whether knowingly or unknowingly in society due to the traditional dominance of the male gender and traditional gender roles that stipulate men as somewhat superior to women. As a result, Patriarchal society can also be envisaged as a society where women are seen as inferior to men and lacking the ability, capability, intellect, skill, and wherewithal to steer society in several roles and positions be it in leadership, at home, or professionally. The liberation of women has meant that patriarchy is being replaced for gender equality and a more inclusive society.

How Does Patriarchy Affect Society?

Patriarchy affects society as it more often than not leads to gender discrimination where women are set aside and left behind wrongfully including being excluded from holding certain positions of power or having the freedom to make their destinies. A good example of this is forced marriages where patriarchy may lead women to be married off against their will, to service the needs of patriarchal society be it in terms of dowry, for family ties or to exercise some sort of influence among families or communities. Patriarchy also affects society in that the male gender gets too much of the action and resources at any particular point in time while the female gender is denied equal rights, opportunities, and resources. As a result, women may end up discriminated against or left behind in the overall progress of society and in the part they play in bettering and shaping the future of society.

Women’s Role in Patriarchal Society

In a patriarchal society, women become defaulted to the sidelines where they lack enough opportunities and resources to have an equal and due impact on what course society takes. For instance, women may be sidelined and given jobs that are wrongfully designated and designed as inferior such as housekeeping, rearing children, and farming or livestock keeping jobs. Patriarchal society does this as a way to ensure that the best opportunities and roles go to the men whom it sees as somewhat superior and deserving only the best and nothing less. Follow us on Twitter @maniaincblog for more Updates.

A Subjugation of Women’s Rights

Women’s diminished role in a patriarchal society is seen as subjugation of their rights and this has led to movements calling for the equal and fair treatment of women in comparison to their male counterparts. For instance, in the corporate world, it is now the norm that companies set aside a good portion of their top jobs and positions for women, to allow for gender equality and gender equity. Gender equality is essentially giving the same opportunities, facilitation, and resources to both genders. On the other hand, gender equity is the process of achieving a balance between the chances and opportunities given to both genders. Essentially, gender equity is the process of and steps needed for achieving gender equality.

Gender equity in the workplace leads to gender equality, and ultimately, the empowerment of women.
Gender equity in the workplace leads to gender equality, and ultimately, the empowerment of women.

Do We Live in a Patriarchal Society?

We live in a more gender-equal society but it can still be considered patriarchal. An excellent example of this is looking at the gender of presidents all over the world. Women hold less than a third of presidential positions globally. As such, society can be said to be a patriarchal society even as efforts are being made to recognize women for their role in shaping the future of society and affording them the same opportunities and respect as their male counterparts. The world is slowly becoming gender-equal and women are being empowered day in day out through education, career advancement, and a relooking of the traditionally patriarchal gender roles in society. Inevitably, men are also taking up numerous roles that were otherwise considered inferior and set aside for women in a patriarchal society. These include housekeeping, caring for children, and care jobs such as caring for the sick and tending to livestock.

Patriarchy Examples

Examples of patriarchy include a small number of women in leadership positions across numerous aspects of society such as in corporate and national leadership, politics, professional settings, and also in the academic field. Women also have a smaller margin of business ownership which can be exemplified best by looking at the biggest law firms in the world. Only a small number of these have lead partners as women with some not even having women in partnership positions. Another good example of patriarchy is the defaulting of women to repressive norms such as having to dress, act or work in a certain way. When women are not afforded the same rights and respect as men, then society can be said to be patriarchal. What exemplifies this best is traditional marriage norms such as having women be the submissive partner within the marriage. The same can be said for traditional gender roles that label and designate women as housekeepers and the ones responsible for rearing children and tending to the immediate needs of the home.

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Gikuyu Marriage System

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Patriarchal Society Definition

A patriarchal society can be best defined as a society that uplifts men while it holds down women. A society that only caters to the overall and entire needs of men while it barely caters to some of the needs and rights of women, can be said to be patriarchal. A patriarchal society is also one that gives most of the opportunities, resources, and power to men with only a small margin of women being afforded the same facilitation. The balance point between patriarchy and gender equality can be said to be the point where women have the same facilitations as men in terms of leadership, power, resources, and also rights and freedoms.

Men have traditionally dominated the workplace and political leadership. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Men have traditionally dominated the workplace, politics, and leadership.

Patriarchy and Gender Inequality

Patriarchy exacerbates gender inequality in numerous ways. It favors the men while forsaking the women. For instance, if a woman has to work twice as hard to earn as much as the man, then patriarchy has bolstered gender inequality. The same goes for undue or unnecessary questioning of the capability and ability of women to undertake certain roles or positions in society. For instance, patriarchy can be seen to contribute to gender inequality when society questions whether a woman can take up and amicably perform leadership roles in the church or religious practices. The same can be said for other aspects of society such as in sports, entertainment, health, and also in politics and political leadership.

Patriarchy has seen the domination of men in all aspects of society, including in foreign relations. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Patriarchy has seen the domination of men in all aspects of society, including in politics and foreign relations, necessitating the liberation of women.

The Liberation of Women

The liberation of women from and out of patriarchy has meant that women are afforded the same opportunities, rights, and respect as men. This entails getting women educated equally as men and affording them the same opportunities. Women are today more empowered than they have ever been and are constantly proving that they are capable, eager, and willing to take responsibility at the helm of leadership in society. Women are in most parts of the world doing better than their male counterparts further showing that patriarchy is a thing of the past. Gender inequality is being stemmed out and society is not only looking to be gender-equal but also to have gender equity. It is important to ensure that women get all they need, including respect and the respect of their rights and freedoms, to propel them to realize their full potential. Follow us on Instagram @maniaincblog for the Latest Updates.


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What the Liberation of Women Means for Men

On the flip side, men are feeling and fearing being left behind as the female revolution takes hold. Men are now having to show their worth and competing for the same positions as women. Women can be relentless at going for what they want and men are slowly but surely feeling the heat from the resilience and strength of women in all aspects of society. Unlike in the past, men are learning that women are as good as they are and in some cases, even better.

Women are consolidators and bring creativity and innovation to the table. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Women are consolidators and bring creativity and innovation to the table. The liberation of women is all about empowering women for a better society.

Women have shown pinpoint sharpness in all they do and bring a kind of powerful consolidating power and innovation to their roles in society. For instance, women are turning out to be formidable forces in politics and political leadership. Women have been seen to mount very strong political campaigns and to rally their supporters with ease and vigor, in a way that has meant that men are slowly being left behind.

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Will Patriarchy Come to an End?

The liberation of women does not mean that patriarchy will somehow disappear into the darkness. Unfortunately, society is still very patriarchal in some aspects and the ‘mentality of patriarchy’ is still reigning supreme. Women are still being questioned in terms of their capability and ability to take up and impressively perform certain roles. These include engineering, architecture, art, music, sports, and even religious leadership. As such, the fight that is part of what I call the ‘liberation of women’ is by no means over and, unfortunately, it is even a ‘fight’ in the first place. Patriarchy will be said to be a thing of the past when women do not have to fight for their rights or their rightful place in society.

The liberation of women is happening now and we should all lend a hand to free the world from patriarchy. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The liberation of women is happening now and we should all lend a hand to free the world from patriarchy.

Is Patriarchy Dead?

Patriarchy was always on its deathbed as women have always been the ones holding intrinsic power in society. Women have always been the ones ensuring food always reached the table. They have always been the ones rearing children and ensuring that there is generational continuity. Women have always been at the helm of power as the queens and wives of powerful men. However, they never held actual and authoritative power.

Women have always held soft power but not authoritative or enforceable power. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Women have always held soft power but not authoritative or enforceable power. It’s time this changed. The future is female!

Women have for the longest time been sidelined to only hold ‘soft power’ in a way, without being given the actual authority to exercise recognized and enforceable power. For example, corporates have always depended on women to produce their goods or to undertake office work as secretaries, writers, etc. but never allowed women to become the owners of said companies or the actual employers. Women were rarely allowed to be department heads or to hold supervisory power even as they were and to this day still are, the backbone of the corporate world, industry, politics, and even society in its entirety.

Women are the Fabric and Backbone of Society

Women are the fabric of society. They bring life to the world and show love like has never been seen. They do all they can for their children and bring them up to be the leaders of society. All kings are born of women and these women, even as they have not necessarily been queens, are queens in the sense that they are supremely the backbone of our world. As such, time is well overdue for women to be granted their rightful recognition as the fabric and backbone of society. Women should also be given the respect they deserve as they do so much for society and are equal to their male counterparts.

The nature of women is love and when women are allowed to flourish, the whole world flourishes. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The nature of women is love and when women are allowed to flourish, the whole world flourishes. The liberation of women is long overdue.

Women’s opinions and ideas matter and everything should be done to ensure they are listened to and heard. After all, the future is female. As such, the liberation of women has not meant anything if it has not bolstered gender equality and equity and granted women all they need to achieve their full potential. For example, education is not impactful to girls if it still teaches patriarchal viewpoints and religion is still not gender-equal or neutral if women are still not allowed to hold certain religious leadership positions or roles.

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Equal Resources and Opportunities for Both Genders

The liberation of women will only truly mean gender equity when women are given the actual keys to the kingdom and not only marginal representation in all the important roles therein. Women should be given an equal and equitable role in all aspects of society. Men, in turn, and what will become the former patriarchal society should not feel threatened in any way but should pave the way for women to become even more empowered.

Gender equity is the process that leads to gender equality. Gender equality is slowly replacing patriarchy, ensuring more women are in positions of power in all aspects of society.
Gender equity is the process that leads to gender equality. Gender equality is slowly replacing patriarchy, ensuring more women are in positions of power in all aspects of society.

Tackling Abuse and Childhood Trauma Inflicted Under Patriarchy

Even as women get a more central role in society, their uprising should not be marred with the denial of men or the male gender of their rights. It is not proper to overcompensate for patriarchy and hurt the advancement of the male gender. The boy-child, for instance, should not be left behind or ignored as the world rushes to adequately cater to the needs and aspirations of the girl-child. The male gender also suffers ills similar to those women have suffered traditionally and true gender equality necessitates that both genders are afforded the same opportunities, resources, and facilitation to pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Traditionally, the idea of patriarchy has led to abuse against both genders including mental, physical, and sexual abuse, trauma, and even extreme forms of abuse such as slavery.

Dealing with Sexual Abuse for Both Genders

One of the most conspicuous forms of abuse has traditionally been sexual abuse that both genders have suffered over the last few decades. For instance, both boys and girls have traditionally suffered sexual abuse even in religious institutions such as the church. Boys have, for instance, been discovered to have suffered sexual abuse in the thousands in the Catholic Church. On the other hand, girls have traditionally been excluded from religious power and have suffered numerous abuses including rape, and other forms of sexual abuse.

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To make matters worse, some girls have suffered death as is the case with Canada and traditional religious schools where thousands of bodies of buried children were discovered. Under the guise of patriarchy, abuse has mainly been directed towards the female gender but that is not to say that the male gender has not also suffered abuse. As such, both genders must be afforded the same facilitations especially when it comes to dealing with trauma related to abuse and also childhood trauma as a whole.

Dealing with Gender-Centric Issues

The male gender also suffers some sort of gender-centric issues such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and addiction. This is not to say that women and girls do not also suffer the same, but alcohol, drug, and substance abuse issues are mainly prevalent in boys and men. The same can be said for incarceration as seen in the mass incarceration of black and minority males in the United States. Unfortunately, drug and substance abuse issues exacerbate mass incarceration where a good number of those incarcerated are not only from minority groups but have also been incarcerated due to minor drug-related offenses.

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Such realities are important issues that need to be tackled and show that patriarchy has not only been detrimental to the rights and freedoms of women but also those of men. Therefore, tackling the ills of patriarchy necessitates enacting measures that cater to specific problems such as childhood trauma and abuse, alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, and mass incarceration but also doing it in a way that equally caters for both genders. So many families have suffered the loss of their young men due to drug abuse and even drug-related killings and murders.

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Mental Health, Illness and Suicide

The problems facing each gender should be addressed and resources should be provided equally to both genders to not only ensure gender equality but also gender equity. For example, in the issue of mental illness, men are seen to be more affected and as such, resources should be directed to both genders but with the realization that men are more susceptible to mental illness and ultimately, suicide. The world just marked suicide prevention day and we all must do what we can to prevent suicide and its causative mental illnesses such as depression.

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Decriminalizing Suicide

The criminalization of suicide should also be tackled and suicide should be decriminalized for both genders while facilitations are put in place to avoid suicides which are unavoidable deaths. The idea that suicide is committed has been faltered by specialists and can be linked to colonialism where its criminalization commenced. There is also the need for education and the realization that there that mental illness and mental health are distinguished.

Women's health should be at the forefront of all and every health system.
Women’s health should be at the forefront of all and every health system. Women make up the majority of health workers and have relentlessly fought to ensure healthcare for all, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, they should be afforded top-notch healthcare facilitation, including those working in the health sector.

Mental Illness vs Mental Health

Mental illness can be appreciated as the deterioration of mental health to the point that it affects the mental and even physical wellbeing of the individual. On the other hand, mental health can be appreciated as similar to overall physical health and is the state of being mentally healthy.

The mental wellbeing of women is just as important as that of men. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The mental wellbeing and the liberation of women is just as important as that of men and it should be treated and catered for as such.

Mental health is achieved as a result of caring for your mental wellbeing, avoiding and coping with stressors such as loss, and taking steps to avert the deterioration of your mental wellbeing, such as going for counseling or therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Patriarchy may not be over but it is on its deathbed. Even so, it should not mean that efforts to ensure gender equality and equity are only directed at one gender. Both genders should be motivated, encouraged to pursue their dreams and aspirations, afforded the same facilitation and opportunities, to ensure that the world becomes a better place for all.

Soft Life: What It is and Why You Don’t Need It

Soft Life

The idea of a ‘soft life’ is something that is increasingly misleading the youth into thinking that wealth can be achieved easily. With the advent of social media and the portrayal of exuberant lifestyles therein, many youths are being drawn to engage themselves in undignified activities while seeking wealth. Many are being drawn into the idea that they can lead opulent lives and have a ‘soft life’. The soft life, as sold on social media, is a life free of problems and a life where one is traveling all over the world, always on vacation, eating at the best and most expensive restaurants, and shopping for all eternity. It is a callous idea and I can’t believe that people think that that could be the reality for them, without putting in the work.


The soft life idea has also exacerbated ‘manifesting’ or essentially wishing for and attracting wealth through spiritual means. Essentially, manifesting is wishing for wealth or relationships or whatever, that is not followed up by any substantial work or effort to get the things one wants. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you can manifest all day and night and you will still not get a thing if you do not work hard. It takes relentless effort and numerous unending sleepless nights to get somewhere in life.

Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off.
Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off. Manifest wisely!

Those that are truly wealthy today got wealthy off their sweat and many take decades trying to build something until it succeeds. As such, you can not and should not be led to think that there is anything like a soft life in reality. Most of the influencers and social media personalities portraying such soft-life lifestyles are putting on a show and making a front with money that is not theirs, and some even with wealth that has been acquired illegally. Take Hush Puppi, for instance.

Lavish Lifestyles on Social Media

Never feel like you’re being left behind when you see others on social media seemingly living lavish lives. You may think that that is what you want but do not have any idea about what some of those people do to get that money. The idea of living a soft life is increasingly misleading the youth to engage themselves in ‘blesser’ or ‘sponsor’ relationships where they trade sex for money and go around wrecking homes and marriages. You need to know that nothing in this life is free. One could be financing your posh lifestyle but that could end up with you in a ditch somewhere one day.

Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles. Soft Life
Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles.

Your blesser’s partner could send you mercenaries to end your life just because you got involved with their partner or wrecked their marriage. Some are even getting into prostitution and sex work, all in pursuit of a soft life. This is so unfortunate and we cannot condemn enough such actions. The moment you are willing to sell your body for something is the moment you lose yourself.

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We think that ‘selling your soul’ is literal selling of the soul but it also entails losing yourself to acquire money. If you are out there prostituting yourself to get money and lead a soft life, then you already sold your soul to money. You see.

Social media has numerous negative effects, don’t let notions of a soft life and the problems that come with it be one.

Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul. Soft Life.
Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul.

The Aloofness of the Idea of a Soft Life

Real wealth is pure. Soft Life.
Real wealth is pure.

I am infuriated by the extent that the youth will go to lead idyllic lifestyles. I am so angry about this. I am very angry to see college students or young beautiful ladies who could be the next Michelle Obamas settle for being Vera Sidikas or socialites. I am so angry that a lot of the youths today are falling for the idea of leading an easy problem-free wealthy life and lifestyle. I am aghast and baffled that people believe that what they see on social media is reality and that everyone seemingly living a lavish life is actually leading one. It is so aloof, sorry to say, and the callousness of endorsing and believing in such an idea shocks me.

I don’t know where the youth of this country and the world as a whole, are going because it seems that somewhere along the line, we were not taught that true wealth emanates from hard work. I feel like the education systems failed to teach morals and morality and to cushion the youth and everyone else from being led to wanting easy and free things. I would rather have a proper social life than a soft life.

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Nothing is Free in Life

Be warned that nothing is free in this life. Yes, your blesser will shower you with money but be sure that you will pay for it. You may think that paying for it only entails a sexual relationship or sex or sexual acts but you may later realize that you sold your soul to the highest bidder when it all comes crumbling down. Many ‘blessees‘ have been abused, raped, and even lost their lives due to engaging themselves in such sex-for-money relationships. Others have ended up with trauma and lifelong scars. Such a relationship is likely to end up becoming abusive and they are often seen to be violent. One could also be asked to perform unnatural and immoral sexual acts, much to the detriment of their self-esteem, dignity, and self-respect.

Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.
Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.

My plea to everyone out there is to love yours. Love your life. Love what you have and leave notions of wealth or opulence to social media and those who want to pay the price for a soft life. For you, I would hope for something better, something real, and something that will make you truly rich. I hope that you uphold your dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect and realize that true wealth is acquired through hard work and toil. Get an education, launch your career and work as hard as hell to buy for yourself what you want. I repeat, to buy for yourself what you want. Choose you every time. Choose and love yours.

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Build Your Own Empire

Live an opulent life because you have built it for yourself. Live in that mansion that you bought with your own legal and properly earned money. Bask in the pride of knowing that you worked as hard as possible to build something meaningful for yourself. Find your happiness in uplifting others and mentoring others to get to where you are and to do it the right way. What we don’t notice is that those who are truly wealthy will never act all exuberant on social media. I have never seen Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg flaunting a sports car.

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I have never seen Jeff Bezos on social media telling us that he has gone on a beach holiday in the Maldives. I have never seen any of these truly wealthy people holding up a bottle of champagne or liqueurs in their social media flaunting. Never. These things are nothing to them. The truth is that those who are truly wealthy do not care about how they are seen.

Money does not make the world go round, impact does. Soft Life
Money does not make the world go round, impact does.

They do not care about what others think of them and they do not need validation that they are rich. These guys are thinking about one day setting up a colony in space. They are thinking about having a positive impact on the world, not the nonsense that we see on social media every day. I would rather build my own empire.

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Your Morals are Everything!

You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time. Soft Life
You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time.

Do better and be better. Do not lose your principles, morals, and dignity following menial wealth and social media fame. It may seem like a holiday to the Maldives is a huge thing to you but it is just a holiday like any other. You may feel like a $10,000 bottle of champagne is a huge deal to you but to others, that’s what they drink on a Tuesday after work. Most of what may seem idyllic to you is nothing to those who are truly wealthy. To them, owning a Bentley is child’s play. They see a few million dollars as peanuts and are almost breaking out in laughter seeing everyone else ogle at such little wealth.

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Be Mindful of Who Influences You

Influence yourself by looking up to people who really stand for something. Do not let influencers or social media lead you out of the path of greatness just to follow some nights in a holiday resort where you are having to perform illicit acts to sustain the lifestyle. Do not dream too small. Honestly. Do not dream too small. A vacation is nothing. An expensive bottle of champagne is nothing. A fancy sports car is nothing. True wealth is meaningful and has a positive impact on the world and the lives of others. Fancy resorts are still just resorts, the Maldives’ sandy beaches are still just sandy beaches and expensive bottles of champagne still taste like usual champagne.

All jewerly still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.
All jewelry still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.

Having a gold watch or gold jewelry is still only jewelry and it will still serve the same purpose as having gold-coated jewelry and even, nothing on at all. Why hold yourself to the whims and standards of others? Why hold yourself to the beauty and lifestyle standards of others? Why should it concern you that an influencer just bought a new sports car or got this or that? Why? I mean, don’t we all know better.

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Are We Lacking Vision?

Can’t we see beyond the flashy curated lifestyles? Are we this aloof of what true wealth is? If so, then it is unfortunate because most will lose themselves and their lives chasing a soft life. A life that does not and will not exist. You may see the seemingly rich looking like they are always having a good time but they are people too and they suffer too. Some are engaged in scandals. Some cannot even sustain relationships. Some have problems with drug addiction. They are human just like you and me and their money or portrayed wealth does not shield them from problems. The soft life they are seemingly living is not real because life is everything but soft. Seek to live your dream, not someone else’s life.

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There is No Soft Life

True wealth is self created. Soft Life.
True wealth is self-created. Those who are truly wealthy do not care how they are seen.

Life is tough and jarring. It is challenging and hard and through all the toughness and pain is where true success lies. There are blessings in the pain. There is value in going after true wealth and working hard to build a life for yourself. When you have done this then you can rightfully and with dignity and self-respect, live as lavish a life as you want. You will truly be happy and will be the master of your own destiny.

You will do what you want, go where you want, and buy what you want without having to answer to anybody or have to give your body in return. You will be truly free. You will live a life that will be healthy, prosperous, and balanced. You will align your chakras and become so fulfilled knowing that what you have is yours and not caring about what you don’t have. Because wanting what you don’t have is a loser’s game and you could end up even losing the little that you already have. God bless and Godspeed.

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