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The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society

The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society

What is Patriarchy?

Patriarchy can be simply defined as male domination or control. It is the domination and control of the male gender in all aspects of society be it in industry, corporate life, marriage, the church, and also politics and leadership. Patriarchy is the unequal distribution of opportunity, power, wealth, and resources to the male gender whether knowingly or unknowingly in society due to the traditional dominance of the male gender and traditional gender roles that stipulate men as somewhat superior to women. As a result, Patriarchal society can also be envisaged as a society where women are seen as inferior to men and lacking the ability, capability, intellect, skill, and wherewithal to steer society in several roles and positions be it in leadership, at home, or professionally. The liberation of women has meant that patriarchy is being replaced for gender equality and a more inclusive society.

How Does Patriarchy Affect Society?

Patriarchy affects society as it more often than not leads to gender discrimination where women are set aside and left behind wrongfully including being excluded from holding certain positions of power or having the freedom to make their destinies. A good example of this is forced marriages where patriarchy may lead women to be married off against their will, to service the needs of patriarchal society be it in terms of dowry, for family ties or to exercise some sort of influence among families or communities. Patriarchy also affects society in that the male gender gets too much of the action and resources at any particular point in time while the female gender is denied equal rights, opportunities, and resources. As a result, women may end up discriminated against or left behind in the overall progress of society and in the part they play in bettering and shaping the future of society.

Women’s Role in Patriarchal Society

In a patriarchal society, women become defaulted to the sidelines where they lack enough opportunities and resources to have an equal and due impact on what course society takes. For instance, women may be sidelined and given jobs that are wrongfully designated and designed as inferior such as housekeeping, rearing children, and farming or livestock keeping jobs. Patriarchal society does this as a way to ensure that the best opportunities and roles go to the men whom it sees as somewhat superior and deserving only the best and nothing less. Follow us on Twitter @maniaincblog for more Updates.

A Subjugation of Women’s Rights

Women’s diminished role in a patriarchal society is seen as subjugation of their rights and this has led to movements calling for the equal and fair treatment of women in comparison to their male counterparts. For instance, in the corporate world, it is now the norm that companies set aside a good portion of their top jobs and positions for women, to allow for gender equality and gender equity. Gender equality is essentially giving the same opportunities, facilitation, and resources to both genders. On the other hand, gender equity is the process of achieving a balance between the chances and opportunities given to both genders. Essentially, gender equity is the process of and steps needed for achieving gender equality.

Gender equity in the workplace leads to gender equality, and ultimately, the empowerment of women.
Gender equity in the workplace leads to gender equality, and ultimately, the empowerment of women.

Do We Live in a Patriarchal Society?

We live in a more gender-equal society but it can still be considered patriarchal. An excellent example of this is looking at the gender of presidents all over the world. Women hold less than a third of presidential positions globally. As such, society can be said to be a patriarchal society even as efforts are being made to recognize women for their role in shaping the future of society and affording them the same opportunities and respect as their male counterparts. The world is slowly becoming gender-equal and women are being empowered day in day out through education, career advancement, and a relooking of the traditionally patriarchal gender roles in society. Inevitably, men are also taking up numerous roles that were otherwise considered inferior and set aside for women in a patriarchal society. These include housekeeping, caring for children, and care jobs such as caring for the sick and tending to livestock.

Patriarchy Examples

Examples of patriarchy include a small number of women in leadership positions across numerous aspects of society such as in corporate and national leadership, politics, professional settings, and also in the academic field. Women also have a smaller margin of business ownership which can be exemplified best by looking at the biggest law firms in the world. Only a small number of these have lead partners as women with some not even having women in partnership positions. Another good example of patriarchy is the defaulting of women to repressive norms such as having to dress, act or work in a certain way. When women are not afforded the same rights and respect as men, then society can be said to be patriarchal. What exemplifies this best is traditional marriage norms such as having women be the submissive partner within the marriage. The same can be said for traditional gender roles that label and designate women as housekeepers and the ones responsible for rearing children and tending to the immediate needs of the home.

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Patriarchal Society Definition

A patriarchal society can be best defined as a society that uplifts men while it holds down women. A society that only caters to the overall and entire needs of men while it barely caters to some of the needs and rights of women, can be said to be patriarchal. A patriarchal society is also one that gives most of the opportunities, resources, and power to men with only a small margin of women being afforded the same facilitation. The balance point between patriarchy and gender equality can be said to be the point where women have the same facilitations as men in terms of leadership, power, resources, and also rights and freedoms.

Men have traditionally dominated the workplace and political leadership. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Men have traditionally dominated the workplace, politics, and leadership.

Patriarchy and Gender Inequality

Patriarchy exacerbates gender inequality in numerous ways. It favors the men while forsaking the women. For instance, if a woman has to work twice as hard to earn as much as the man, then patriarchy has bolstered gender inequality. The same goes for undue or unnecessary questioning of the capability and ability of women to undertake certain roles or positions in society. For instance, patriarchy can be seen to contribute to gender inequality when society questions whether a woman can take up and amicably perform leadership roles in the church or religious practices. The same can be said for other aspects of society such as in sports, entertainment, health, and also in politics and political leadership.

Patriarchy has seen the domination of men in all aspects of society, including in foreign relations. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Patriarchy has seen the domination of men in all aspects of society, including in politics and foreign relations, necessitating the liberation of women.

The Liberation of Women

The liberation of women from and out of patriarchy has meant that women are afforded the same opportunities, rights, and respect as men. This entails getting women educated equally as men and affording them the same opportunities. Women are today more empowered than they have ever been and are constantly proving that they are capable, eager, and willing to take responsibility at the helm of leadership in society. Women are in most parts of the world doing better than their male counterparts further showing that patriarchy is a thing of the past. Gender inequality is being stemmed out and society is not only looking to be gender-equal but also to have gender equity. It is important to ensure that women get all they need, including respect and the respect of their rights and freedoms, to propel them to realize their full potential. Follow us on Instagram @maniaincblog for the Latest Updates.


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What the Liberation of Women Means for Men

On the flip side, men are feeling and fearing being left behind as the female revolution takes hold. Men are now having to show their worth and competing for the same positions as women. Women can be relentless at going for what they want and men are slowly but surely feeling the heat from the resilience and strength of women in all aspects of society. Unlike in the past, men are learning that women are as good as they are and in some cases, even better.

Women are consolidators and bring creativity and innovation to the table. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Women are consolidators and bring creativity and innovation to the table. The liberation of women is all about empowering women for a better society.

Women have shown pinpoint sharpness in all they do and bring a kind of powerful consolidating power and innovation to their roles in society. For instance, women are turning out to be formidable forces in politics and political leadership. Women have been seen to mount very strong political campaigns and to rally their supporters with ease and vigor, in a way that has meant that men are slowly being left behind.

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Will Patriarchy Come to an End?

The liberation of women does not mean that patriarchy will somehow disappear into the darkness. Unfortunately, society is still very patriarchal in some aspects and the ‘mentality of patriarchy’ is still reigning supreme. Women are still being questioned in terms of their capability and ability to take up and impressively perform certain roles. These include engineering, architecture, art, music, sports, and even religious leadership. As such, the fight that is part of what I call the ‘liberation of women’ is by no means over and, unfortunately, it is even a ‘fight’ in the first place. Patriarchy will be said to be a thing of the past when women do not have to fight for their rights or their rightful place in society.

The liberation of women is happening now and we should all lend a hand to free the world from patriarchy. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The liberation of women is happening now and we should all lend a hand to free the world from patriarchy.

Is Patriarchy Dead?

Patriarchy was always on its deathbed as women have always been the ones holding intrinsic power in society. Women have always been the ones ensuring food always reached the table. They have always been the ones rearing children and ensuring that there is generational continuity. Women have always been at the helm of power as the queens and wives of powerful men. However, they never held actual and authoritative power.

Women have always held soft power but not authoritative or enforceable power. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
Women have always held soft power but not authoritative or enforceable power. It’s time this changed. The future is female!

Women have for the longest time been sidelined to only hold ‘soft power’ in a way, without being given the actual authority to exercise recognized and enforceable power. For example, corporates have always depended on women to produce their goods or to undertake office work as secretaries, writers, etc. but never allowed women to become the owners of said companies or the actual employers. Women were rarely allowed to be department heads or to hold supervisory power even as they were and to this day still are, the backbone of the corporate world, industry, politics, and even society in its entirety.

Women are the Fabric and Backbone of Society

Women are the fabric of society. They bring life to the world and show love like has never been seen. They do all they can for their children and bring them up to be the leaders of society. All kings are born of women and these women, even as they have not necessarily been queens, are queens in the sense that they are supremely the backbone of our world. As such, time is well overdue for women to be granted their rightful recognition as the fabric and backbone of society. Women should also be given the respect they deserve as they do so much for society and are equal to their male counterparts.

The nature of women is love and when women are allowed to flourish, the whole world flourishes. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The nature of women is love and when women are allowed to flourish, the whole world flourishes. The liberation of women is long overdue.

Women’s opinions and ideas matter and everything should be done to ensure they are listened to and heard. After all, the future is female. As such, the liberation of women has not meant anything if it has not bolstered gender equality and equity and granted women all they need to achieve their full potential. For example, education is not impactful to girls if it still teaches patriarchal viewpoints and religion is still not gender-equal or neutral if women are still not allowed to hold certain religious leadership positions or roles.

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Equal Resources and Opportunities for Both Genders

The liberation of women will only truly mean gender equity when women are given the actual keys to the kingdom and not only marginal representation in all the important roles therein. Women should be given an equal and equitable role in all aspects of society. Men, in turn, and what will become the former patriarchal society should not feel threatened in any way but should pave the way for women to become even more empowered.

Gender equity is the process that leads to gender equality. Gender equality is slowly replacing patriarchy, ensuring more women are in positions of power in all aspects of society.
Gender equity is the process that leads to gender equality. Gender equality is slowly replacing patriarchy, ensuring more women are in positions of power in all aspects of society.

Tackling Abuse and Childhood Trauma Inflicted Under Patriarchy

Even as women get a more central role in society, their uprising should not be marred with the denial of men or the male gender of their rights. It is not proper to overcompensate for patriarchy and hurt the advancement of the male gender. The boy-child, for instance, should not be left behind or ignored as the world rushes to adequately cater to the needs and aspirations of the girl-child. The male gender also suffers ills similar to those women have suffered traditionally and true gender equality necessitates that both genders are afforded the same opportunities, resources, and facilitation to pursue their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Traditionally, the idea of patriarchy has led to abuse against both genders including mental, physical, and sexual abuse, trauma, and even extreme forms of abuse such as slavery.

Dealing with Sexual Abuse for Both Genders

One of the most conspicuous forms of abuse has traditionally been sexual abuse that both genders have suffered over the last few decades. For instance, both boys and girls have traditionally suffered sexual abuse even in religious institutions such as the church. Boys have, for instance, been discovered to have suffered sexual abuse in the thousands in the Catholic Church. On the other hand, girls have traditionally been excluded from religious power and have suffered numerous abuses including rape, and other forms of sexual abuse.

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To make matters worse, some girls have suffered death as is the case with Canada and traditional religious schools where thousands of bodies of buried children were discovered. Under the guise of patriarchy, abuse has mainly been directed towards the female gender but that is not to say that the male gender has not also suffered abuse. As such, both genders must be afforded the same facilitations especially when it comes to dealing with trauma related to abuse and also childhood trauma as a whole.

Dealing with Gender-Centric Issues

The male gender also suffers some sort of gender-centric issues such as alcoholism, drug abuse, and addiction. This is not to say that women and girls do not also suffer the same, but alcohol, drug, and substance abuse issues are mainly prevalent in boys and men. The same can be said for incarceration as seen in the mass incarceration of black and minority males in the United States. Unfortunately, drug and substance abuse issues exacerbate mass incarceration where a good number of those incarcerated are not only from minority groups but have also been incarcerated due to minor drug-related offenses.

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Such realities are important issues that need to be tackled and show that patriarchy has not only been detrimental to the rights and freedoms of women but also those of men. Therefore, tackling the ills of patriarchy necessitates enacting measures that cater to specific problems such as childhood trauma and abuse, alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, and mass incarceration but also doing it in a way that equally caters for both genders. So many families have suffered the loss of their young men due to drug abuse and even drug-related killings and murders.

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Mental Health Illness and Suicide

The problems facing each gender should be addressed and resources should be provided equally to both genders to not only ensure gender equality but also gender equity. For example, in the issue of mental illness, men are seen to be more affected and as such, resources should be directed to both genders but with the realization that men are more susceptible to mental illness and ultimately, suicide. The world just marked suicide prevention day and we all must do what we can to prevent suicide and its causative mental illnesses such as depression.

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Decriminalizing Suicide

The criminalization of suicide should also be tackled and suicide should be decriminalized for both genders while facilitations are put in place to avoid suicides which are unavoidable deaths. The idea that suicide is committed has been faltered by specialists and can be linked to colonialism where its criminalization commenced. There is also the need for education and the realization that there that mental illness and mental health are distinguished.

Women's health should be at the forefront of all and every health system.
Women’s health should be at the forefront of all and every health system. Women make up the majority of health workers and have relentlessly fought to ensure healthcare for all, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, they should be afforded top-notch healthcare facilitation, including those working in the health sector.

Mental Illness vs Mental Health

Mental illness can be appreciated as the deterioration of mental health to the point that it affects the mental and even physical wellbeing of the individual. On the other hand, mental health can be appreciated as similar to overall physical health and is the state of being mentally healthy.

The mental wellbeing of women is just as important as that of men. The Liberation of Women and What it Means for Patriarchal Society.
The mental wellbeing and the liberation of women is just as important as that of men and it should be treated and catered for as such.

Mental health is achieved as a result of caring for your mental wellbeing, avoiding and coping with stressors such as loss, and taking steps to avert the deterioration of your mental wellbeing, such as going for counseling or therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Patriarchy may not be over but it is on its deathbed. Even so, it should not mean that efforts to ensure gender equality and equity are only directed at one gender. Both genders should be motivated, encouraged to pursue their dreams and aspirations, afforded the same facilitation and opportunities, to ensure that the world becomes a better place for all.

Soft Life: What It is and Why You Don’t Need It

Soft Life

The idea of a ‘soft life’ is something that is increasingly misleading the youth into thinking that wealth can be achieved easily. With the advent of social media and the portrayal of exuberant lifestyles therein, many youths are being drawn to engage themselves in undignified activities while seeking wealth. Many are being drawn into the idea that they can lead opulent lives and have a ‘soft life’. The soft life, as sold on social media, is a life free of problems and a life where one is traveling all over the world, always on vacation, eating at the best and most expensive restaurants, and shopping for all eternity. It is a callous idea and I can’t believe that people think that that could be the reality for them, without putting in the work.


The soft life idea has also exacerbated ‘manifesting’ or essentially wishing for and attracting wealth through spiritual means. Essentially, manifesting is wishing for wealth or relationships or whatever, that is not followed up by any substantial work or effort to get the things one wants. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you can manifest all day and night and you will still not get a thing if you do not work hard. It takes relentless effort and numerous unending sleepless nights to get somewhere in life.

Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off.
Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off. Manifest wisely!

Those that are truly wealthy today got wealthy off their sweat and many take decades trying to build something until it succeeds. As such, you can not and should not be led to think that there is anything like a soft life in reality. Most of the influencers and social media personalities portraying such soft-life lifestyles are putting on a show and making a front with money that is not theirs, and some even with wealth that has been acquired illegally. Take Hush Puppi, for instance.

Lavish Lifestyles on Social Media

Never feel like you’re being left behind when you see others on social media seemingly living lavish lives. You may think that that is what you want but do not have any idea about what some of those people do to get that money. The idea of living a soft life is increasingly misleading the youth to engage themselves in ‘blesser’ or ‘sponsor’ relationships where they trade sex for money and go around wrecking homes and marriages. You need to know that nothing in this life is free. One could be financing your posh lifestyle but that could end up with you in a ditch somewhere one day.

Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles. Soft Life
Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles.

Your blesser’s partner could send you mercenaries to end your life just because you got involved with their partner or wrecked their marriage. Some are even getting into prostitution and sex work, all in pursuit of a soft life. This is so unfortunate and we cannot condemn enough such actions. The moment you are willing to sell your body for something is the moment you lose yourself.

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We think that ‘selling your soul’ is literal selling of the soul but it also entails losing yourself to acquire money. If you are out there prostituting yourself to get money and lead a soft life, then you already sold your soul to money. You see. Social media has numerous negative effects, don’t let notions of a soft life and the problems that come with it be one.

Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul. Soft Life.
Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul.

The Aloofness of the Idea of a Soft Life

Real wealth is pure. Soft Life.
Real wealth is pure.

I am infuriated by the extent that the youth will go to lead idyllic lifestyles. I am so angry about this. I am very angry to see college students or young beautiful ladies who could be the next Michelle Obamas settle for being Vera Sidikas or socialites. I am so angry that a lot of the youths today are falling for the idea of leading an easy problem-free wealthy life and lifestyle. I am aghast and baffled that people believe that what they see on social media is reality and that everyone seemingly living a lavish life is actually leading one. It is so aloof, sorry to say, and the callousness of endorsing and believing in such an idea shocks me.

I don’t know where the youth of this country and the world as a whole, are going because it seems that somewhere along the line, we were not taught that true wealth emanates from hard work. I feel like the education systems failed to teach morals and morality and to cushion the youth and everyone else from being led to wanting easy and free things. I would rather have a proper social life than a soft life.

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Nothing is Free in Life

Be warned that nothing is free in this life. Yes, your blesser will shower you with money but be sure that you will pay for it. You may think that paying for it only entails a sexual relationship or sex or sexual acts but you may later realize that you sold your soul to the highest bidder when it all comes crumbling down. Many ‘blessees‘ have been abused, raped, and even lost their lives due to engaging themselves in such sex-for-money relationships. Others have ended up with trauma and lifelong scars. Such a relationship is likely to end up becoming abusive and they are often seen to be violent. One could also be asked to perform unnatural and immoral sexual acts, much to the detriment of their self-esteem, dignity, and self-respect.

Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.
Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.

My plea to everyone out there is to love yours. Love your life. Love what you have and leave notions of wealth or opulence to social media and those who want to pay the price for a soft life. For you, I would hope for something better, something real, and something that will make you truly rich. I hope that you uphold your dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect and realize that true wealth is acquired through hard work and toil. Get an education, launch your career and work as hard as hell to buy for yourself what you want. I repeat, to buy for yourself what you want. Choose you every time. Choose and love yours.

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Build Your Own Empire

Live an opulent life because you have built it for yourself. Live in that mansion that you bought with your own legal and properly earned money. Bask in the pride of knowing that you worked as hard as possible to build something meaningful for yourself. Find your happiness in uplifting others and mentoring others to get to where you are and to do it the right way. What we don’t notice is that those who are truly wealthy will never act all exuberant on social media. I have never seen Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg flaunting a sports car.

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I have never seen Jeff Bezos on social media telling us that he has gone on a beach holiday in the Maldives. I have never seen any of these truly wealthy people holding up a bottle of champagne or liqueurs in their social media flaunting. Never. These things are nothing to them. The truth is that those who are truly wealthy do not care about how they are seen.

Money does not make the world go round, impact does. Soft Life
Money does not make the world go round, impact does.

They do not care about what others think of them and they do not need validation that they are rich. These guys are thinking about one day setting up a colony in space. They are thinking about having a positive impact on the world, not the nonsense that we see on social media every day. I would rather build my own empire.

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Your Morals are Everything!

You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time. Soft Life
You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time.

Do better and be better. Do not lose your principles, morals, and dignity following menial wealth and social media fame. It may seem like a holiday to the Maldives is a huge thing to you but it is just a holiday like any other. You may feel like a $10,000 bottle of champagne is a huge deal to you but to others, that’s what they drink on a Tuesday after work. Most of what may seem idyllic to you is nothing to those who are truly wealthy. To them, owning a Bentley is child’s play. They see a few million dollars as peanuts and are almost breaking out in laughter seeing everyone else ogle at such little wealth.

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Be Mindful of Who Influences You

Influence yourself by looking up to people who really stand for something. Do not let influencers or social media lead you out of the path of greatness just to follow some nights in a holiday resort where you are having to perform illicit acts to sustain the lifestyle. Do not dream too small. Honestly. Do not dream too small. A vacation is nothing. An expensive bottle of champagne is nothing. A fancy sports car is nothing. True wealth is meaningful and has a positive impact on the world and the lives of others. Fancy resorts are still just resorts, the Maldives’ sandy beaches are still just sandy beaches and expensive bottles of champagne still takes like usual champagne.

All jewerly still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.
All jewelry still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.

Having a gold watch or gold jewelry is still only jewelry and it will still serve the same purpose as having gold-coated jewelry and even, nothing on at all. Why hold yourself to the whims and standards of others? Why hold yourself to the beauty and lifestyle standards of others? Why should it concern you that an influencer just bought a new sports car or got this or that? Why? I mean, don’t we all know better.

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Are We Lacking Vision?

Can’t we see beyond the flashy curated lifestyles? Are we this aloof of what true wealth is? If so, then it is unfortunate because most will lose themselves and their lives chasing a soft life. A life that does not and will not exist. You may see the seemingly rich looking like they are always having a good time but they are people too and they suffer too. Some are engaged in scandals. Some cannot even sustain relationships. Some have problems with drug addiction. They are human just like you and me and their money or portrayed wealth does not shield them from problems. The soft life they are seemingly living is not real because life is everything but soft. Seek to live your dream, not someone else’s life.

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There is No Soft Life

True wealth is self created. Soft Life.
True wealth is self-created. Those who are truly wealthy do not care how they are seen.

Life is tough and jarring. It is challenging and hard and through all the toughness and pain is where true success lies. There are blessings in the pain. There is value in going after true wealth and working hard to build a life for yourself. When you have done this then you can rightfully and with dignity and self-respect, live as lavish a life as you want. You will truly be happy and will be the master of your own destiny.

You will do what you want, go where you want, and buy what you want without having to answer to anybody or have to give your body in return. You will be truly free. You will live a life that will be healthy, prosperous, and balanced. You will align your chakras and become so fulfilled knowing that what you have is yours and not caring about what you don’t have. Because wanting what you don’t have is a loser’s game and you could end up even losing the little that you already have. God bless and Godspeed.

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Dictation Blogging: How to Use Your Voice to Type and Write Faster

Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type

What is a Voice Blog or Dictation Blogging?

Dictation blogging, ‘dictablogging’, or blogging using your voice is an emergent way to write blogs that utilizes voice commands to jot down words. A voice blog or writing by way of dictablogging is also referred to as voice typing and can be used as an alternative to writing physically or mechanically i.e. using your hands. One of the biggest advantages of this type of blogging is that it allows you to harness your voice and makes the process of writing easier and faster.

It is quite impressive that you do not have to literally get your fingers on your device, be it a laptop or tablet, to create or even edit documents. Today’s world is digital and it is amazing that you can make work easier and, in a sense, reduce the effort and workload of writing. Dictablogging or using Google Dictation to write voice blogs is writing for the future and in my view, it is here to stay. I believe those who put in the effort will likely realize the benefits of using this technology and will do it in a smart and advanced way.

(This blog post contains affiliate links from which the author may earn for qualifying purchases. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

What You Need for Dictablogging

The process of creating documents and writing can be tiring and if you’re not a fast writer or if you don’t have the experience writing then it can weigh you down. To be able to dictate documents, you need equipment including a microphone and a laptop through which you can dictate blogs using Google Docs in Google Chrome. In Google Chrome you can log into your Google Docs and from there you have access and the ability to dictate writing.

The process of dictation blogging using Google Docs requires you to have an active internet connection as it employs cloud technology. Ps: We use Cloudways, a cloud provider, to run and host our blogs and you can get a free trial here. As voice typing uses cloud tech, it necessitates having a strong internet connection. To ensure that you get the process right and that Google Docs can clearly hear what you are saying, also ensure that you have at least a lavalier or condenser microphone. You can use the internal mic of your device but it will probably not be as audible or high quality making it harder for Google Docs to hear and recognize what you are saying. 

What is Dictation in Blogging?

Dictation in blogging is the process of using voice recognition software that is part of document creation software to create documents or blogs using your voice. i.e. by dictating what you want to write. Google Dictation that is part of Google Docs is by far the best way to voice type as the voice recognition software within Google Docs is efficient enough to allow ease and efficacy. To get better and faster in voice typing, you need voice recognition tech that ensures a high percentage of correct voice capture, recognition, and conversion to words.

Dictation Blogging
Dictation Blogging requires a good microphone, an internet connection, and good document software such as Google Docs. Google Docs is best used for voice typing in the Google Chrome browser.

 Dictation Blogging Steps

1. Insert your microphone into your laptop or tablet. We recommend using the Sennheiser Pro Audio Vocal Condenser Microphone which is a high-quality condenser microphone that you can get on Amazon here

2. Go to the bottom right of your taskbar and click on the microphone icon. The microphone icon will take you to settings and from there you can check to see that your microphone is enabled and can be accessed by apps.

Microphone Icon. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type
Use the microphone icon in the taskbar to go into microphone settings.

3. Navigate back to the main settings page and from there go to system settings.

System Settings. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type
System Settings. Sound settings are located in the system setting in Windows and from there you can find the master volume setting. It will show fluctuations in the level when you speak, indicating that the microphone is recording what you are saying.

4. In system settings, go to sound settings, and there you will see the master volume.

Sound Settings
Sound Settings under main settings, then system settings.

The master volume will indicate that your microphone is recording when you see fluctuations in volume levels as you speak.

Master Volume in Sound Settings
Master Volume in Sound Settings. When you see fluctuations in the master volume as you speak, then your microphone is ready for use in dictation blogging.

5. If you do not see fluctuations in the level just by the speaker icon, click on manage sound devices below to enable your microphone or disable another microphone if they are two.

Manage Sound Devices in Sound Settings
Manage Sound Devices in Sound Settings where you can enable and disable devices. This includes sound devices such as microphones. Ensure the microphone that you want to use for voice typing is enabled.

6. After ascertaining that your microphone is working, Launch Google Chrome and log into your Google account. On logging in, go to Google Docs.

7. In Google Docs, open a new document.

Google Docs. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type.
Launch Google Docs in Chrome, as Chrome is best suited for dictation blogging on your device. Using it on a laptop is recommended as a laptop can better interface with an external microphone.

8. Go to the tools menu and select voice typing. You can also use the shortcut CTRL + Shift + S.

Tool Settings in Google Docs
Tool Settings in Google Docs. From here you can select voice typing to type with your voice or use the shortcut CTRL + Shift + S.

9. Once you’ve selected voice typing you will see a box that will pop up showing a microphone. Click on it and when prompted, allow Chrome to access your microphone.

Microphone Button in Google Dictation. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type.
Microphone Button in Google Docs after selecting voice typing. Press the button to start.

10. Click on that box and it will turn from grey to red, with rings around it when you speak, showing that it is recording what you’re saying.

Microphone On Button
When you’ve clicked the microphone button, it will turn from grey to red and you can start voice typing. See video for a demo.

When you start speaking, the microphone icon will show rings around it indicating that what you are saying is being captured and written on your document.

Microphone Activated and Recording on Google Docs
Microphone Activated and Recording on Google Docs. When you start speaking the microphone will show rings around it indicating that what you’re saying is being recorded. You will then be able to see what you’re saying is written on the document.

11. We recommend using Grammarly to edit your document. Grammarly comes with a Chrome extension that you can install and have it edit your writing on Chrome.

Grammarly Grammar Checker. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type.
Grammarly toolbar. The Grammarly toolbar is a tool that categorizes goals to allow you to check errors and how they affect categories like clarity and engagement.

Grammarly places a button at the bottom right corner of the page and underlines errors. Using both the button and hovering the cursor over the underlined errors, you can launch Grammarly and correct your document.

Grammarly Chrome Extension. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type.
Grammarly Chrome Extension. The extension allows you to edit text anywhere in Chrome in real-time.

Grammarly also produces a panel where you can edit errors by category and set goals.

Grammarly Grammar Checker. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type.
Grammarly Grammar Checker. It allows you to edit errors one by one and makes suggestions which you only need to click on to effect. It also categorizes your goals such as correctness and clarity to allow you to deal with errors relating to them.

Voice Command Tips

For using voice typing with Google Docs there are certain commands that you can say to edit the document and most of these you will learn as you go. A good example is a command such as “delete” which tells Google Docs to delete the last word you said. Test to see that you are recording what you want to say. Over time you will notice that the system is slowly learning to recognize your voice and doing it in a way and at a speed that is working for you. The beautiful thing about using voice to type or to write documents is that you can write faster.

Improving Your Writing with Grammarly

Using voice typing, you can also write more content without the physical writing effort but only using your voice instead. To ensure clarity and high-quality writing, be sure to edit your document after voice typing. A good way to do this is to use Grammarly to spellcheck and correct grammar and stylistic errors. You can get Grammarly here. Grammarly also has a Chrome extension and you can use it seamlessly in Google Docs in Chrome.

My Experience: Is Dictation Better Than Typing?

I tried out using voice typing in Google Docs and so far I am impressed. To answer the question, yes, dictation is better than typing. I feel like it could be the future of writing because it allows you to write faster and also to write more content without too much effort. Another benefit of doing this is that it allows you to make your writing more conversational and in a sense when the reader is reading they will feel that the article is written in a more conversational way.

Voice Typing. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type
Dictablogging is far much more effective with a good microphone. High-quality sound means that your voice is easily recognizable thus preventing errors when voice typing.

An article written through dictablogging and edited with Grammarly could be more engaging as opposed to when you write physically with your hands. When you write physically, the reader may feel that your writing is less engaging. Please be sure to test this out and to do it over and over again because that’s how the system will learn your voice and your style of voice writing. Over time, it will become better at detecting your voice and also understanding what you’re saying. 

Fixing Dictation Blogging Errors

When you’re writing the system will make some errors here and there but will learn over time and get better at comprehending what you’re saying. When the system makes an error please be sure to edit and correct the error because that allows the system to learn what you’re saying and what you are talking about. I feel like this would be a very good way to write but also to increase your writing speed and to ensure that you create more content over time, and do it in a way that is aligned with your goals and needs. Google Dictation in Google Docs also has a cool feature where it learns from the corrections you make, making it easier overall to use it for dictation blogging. Another cool way to fix dictablogging errors is editing your document as you go using Grammarly and their Chrome extension.

Dictation Blogging Video

I tried out this type of blogging or voice typing and I was very impressed that I could just create blogs using my voice. I was even more impressed that I could do it at a high speed with the system detecting my voice correctly. I also made a video on my test and you can watch the video below. Watch more videos on our videos page. 

The Potential of Dictation Blogging

Dictablogging or dictation blogging could be revolutionary and I’m sure that it will assist many bloggers and writers to do their work and have an easier time creating high-quality content. My challenge to you is to try dictablogging on Google Docs and comment below on your experience and whether you think you can use this form of writing in the long term. For me, I believe that this could be very good for my writing and it could also mean that I can create more content per unit time.

Dictablogging. Dictation Blogging How to Use Your Voice to Type
In my view, dictation blogging is here to stay and I would recommend starting now so that you can learn and become better and faster at it over time.

Increasing the frequency of writing could also mean creating more in-depth content, without infringing on the quality of my writing or how well and deeply it is understood. It would not make sense for me to recommend dictation blogging and write this article using my hands. Yes. You guessed correctly. This article was written using my voice or ‘dictablogged’. The future is here and I am happy to embrace it with you. Visit my Linktree to see all my content and for exclusive offers. You can also donate and help us keep creating blogs.

Wealth and Happiness: Does Money Make You Happy?

Wealth and Happiness

How do wealth and happiness intersect? Does being wealthy necessarily translate to being happy? Can you buy a ticket to happiness just because you are rich? Does money make you happy? Let us find out.

Point of Inflection

Well, money increases happiness to a certain extent. The equation of money and happiness reaches a ‘point of inflection’ where you have made more than enough money to be happy. According to research, money can only make you happy up to the point where you have more than enough, and more does not necessarily translate to increased happiness. In the United States, this point of inflection is appreciated as having an income of $70,000 a year. Beyond an annual income of $70,000, more money does not necessarily mean more happiness. The reason for this is that when you have enough money and you can go anywhere you want or do anything you would like, then it loses taste in the sense that it is not as exciting or happiness-inducing anymore.

Home Ownership

You will be surprised to learn that even building or buying a house may not give you as much happiness long-term as one would probably think. Studies indicate that homeowners draw as much happiness from owning a home similar to the happiness renters draw from renting an apartment or a place to live. As such, being a homeowner does not necessarily translate to being happier. New homeowners draw a lot of excitement and happiness from their homes for the first few years. After the point of inflection, which in this case, is deriving the sense of stability and being grounded that we all naturally crave, they do not draw much happiness from owning a home henceforth. There are actually more chances for interior decor and furnishings to make you happy as compared to owning a home.

Read the Interior Decor article below.

Interior Decor

Read more lifestyle and culture content here.

The Value of Money

Money can be quite something. Typically, one would aspire to have as much money as possible and to afford all the finest things in life. Unfortunately, once you have enough money and have bought all you wanted and want, and have done and do all you would have wanted to do, money is then ‘no object’. At this point, which we are calling the ‘inflection point’ money no longer produces as much happiness per unit as it would before you had it. To break it down, $1,000 does not produce as much happiness as before when you didn’t have much money. To an extent, that same excitement and ‘happiness’ would be drawn from $100,000 once you get wealthier and have much more money. Even so, the $100,000 loses ‘value’ the higher you go and the more you have, and may lose its happiness-inducing capabilities.

Marginal Utility

Discussing wealth and happiness reminds me of something we learned in Business school termed ‘marginal utility.’ The notion represents the theory and I would say, the fact that the more you have of something, the less utility or ‘satisfaction’ you draw from it per unit time. For instance, if you went to your local pub and ordered a beer, the first beer would be the ‘sweetest’ and the one from which you draw the most utility and arguably, happiness. The second beer would provide less utility, and the third would provide even lesser utility and happiness. On having a couple of beers, they won’t feel as ‘sweet’ as the first one, and you will probably get to a point where you do not want one anyway, and having a beer does not make you ‘happy’ anymore. That is marginal utility.

Applying the same notion to money, your first $1 million will be your sweetest. You will bask in the glory of that achievement. However, by the time you get to $100 million, then $1 million will feel just like any other Tuesday. In real economies even making $1 million is a huge achievement but over time, the happiness you draw from money declines as does the utility you draw from most products or indulgencies. This leads to the question, is money a product?

Is Money a Product?

The answer is no. Money is not a product in itself, I would say, but a means of acquiring products. Money can, however, be represented as a product in terms of stocks, investment, and recently, as digital currencies. However, in my view, money is not a product in itself. The way I like to think of money is as a way to acquire products but more importantly as an avenue and tool for making more money. There is nothing in this world that is effectively able to create money as money itself does. So, instead of using your money to buy a Ferrari, think of investing it wisely to put yourself in a position where you could buy several Ferraris in the future.

Even beyond what you can buy, think of experiences. One would argue that you can draw more satisfaction from using your money to finance experiences and travel rather than buying a fancy car, for example. Think of a stay-in in a condo or beach resort in the Maldives. That beats buying a Ferrari that you will probably not drive as much, trying to ‘preserve’ it in good condition. You may even not enjoy it as much thinking that you will increase its value over time until becomes a classic car.

Read the Classic Cars article below.

Classic Cars

Read more motoring content here.


Investing should be done wisely and I would recommend not putting all your investments or ‘eggs’ in one ‘basket.’ Diversify your investment and take a considerable risk to allow yourself the chance to make considerable returns. Taking risks sometimes means being open-minded enough to jump onto something like a cryptocurrency wave. The trick, however, is to invest a small amount on that and other small amounts on many other things including bonds, startups, among others. I wouldn’t put a number on how much of your overall wealth you should invest but I think I would be comfortable investing 5% of what I have in numerous avenues. Think of splitting the 5% into 0.05% chunks and investing in 100 different avenues. By doing that, you not only not risk your overall wealth but also deploy the percentage you are comfortable investing, strategically.

More Money, More Problems

Money does not buy happiness. Being rich is not a ticket to happiness and money does not necessarily make you happy. Like a sunny day, it helps but you realize that the ‘weather’ also varies at the top. Some days are bright and shiny but others are raging with storms. That is why you hear the phrase “more money, more problems.” How else would you explain having your day ruined by a delay caused by a late pilot; and being mad that you have to wait by the hangar for 30 minutes to travel in your private jet? Rich people’s problems.

Money is only as enticing and fascinating the less you have. The more cheques you can write, the lesser exciting it is to write them in the first place. As such, seek to have an impact and not acquire riches. When you enter meaningfulness and impact into the equation, you bolster the likelihood of drawing happiness from what you do. A perfect way to have an impact is to donate to charities and become a philanthropist or seeking to mitigate climate change and have a positive impact on the environment. In such endeavors, you are more likely to be happy and to become happy doing what you do and to love it even more and beyond its money-making capabilities.

Prime Day 2021 Deals That You Will Absolutely Love

Prime Day 2021 Deals That You Will Absolutely Love

Prime Day 2021 is slated for the 21st and 22nd of June and it’s a great opportunity to save big on products you need. We have made a list of the best Prime Day gadget deals on Mania Gadgets and I would like us to look at the best home, beauty, and overall deals for this year’s Prime Day. We love saving here at Mania Inc. We love saving so much that we created an entire site for deals and coupons called Mania Coupons. Prime Day this year came early and it’s the perfect opportunity to save big not only on Amazon but also on other retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. Let’s see what the Prime Day basket has for us this year.

(This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Apple Products

Apple products are on the higher end in pricing but that gets leveled out to a satisfactory extent during Prime Day. Apple products come 10-20% cheaper around Prime Day, presenting the perfect opportunity to get that Apple product you have always wanted. Prime Day is not only perfect for purchasing the latest iPhones and iPads, but it is also perfect for getting older Macbooks and devices. The deals are so good that we would advise you to go for the most recent product instead of an older version if it’s affordable, on Prime Day. The iPhone 12 Pro is a perfect example, it will be discounted well enough to come at nearly the price of the 12. As such, it is the best time to get yourself an iPhone 12 Pro or even the Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

This deal is one you should be on the lookout for. Add the item to your cart and wait for a few hours till Prime Day is here. Check availability and price on Amazon here.

Apple iMac

We love the new iMac. It’s the perfect time to get it. You can even do a trade-in and get extra savings. Check prices here.

Apple iPad 12.9″

The new M1-powered iPad is the best that has ever been released. Get it on Amazon here.

Amazon In-House Products

Most of the products on Amazon are products sold by third-party merchants. However, Amazon does sell some of its own products including Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Kindles, Ring, and Blink products among others. These will be heavily discounted on Prime Day and it is expected that some will even be discounted at 50% or more. Amazon Subscriptions will also have major discounts and on top of a free trial for Prime membership, customers can get discounted subscriptions to services such as Amazon Music.

Amazon Kindle

We recommend going for the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle. You save more. Get the bundle here.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The latest version of the Fire TV Stick, 4K, is available here.

Amazon Echo Show 8

We recommend the Echo Show 8 bundle with Blink Mini. Get the bundle here.

Ring Video Doorbell

We recommend the Ring Video Doorbell (4th Gen) bundle with Ring Chime Pro. Get it here.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums will be huge this Prime Day. Robot vacuums present a high-tech and fun way to clean your home. They are autonomous and a good robot vacuum will clean your house without you needing to intervene. This year Robot vacuums will be highly discounted and some have already started to be discounted at 20% and more. In normal circumstances, a robot vacuum can be expensive so we advise that you get one during Prime Day.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum is our favorite. It will transform how you clean your home and is very much a fun way of getting tidy. Get it here.

Uoni V980Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another favorite for us because it has a self-emptying dustbin. Check pricing on Amazon here.

Prime Day Tips

How we go about Prime Day is to find the products we need, add them to the cart, and wait to see if there is a notification of a price drop. You should be careful to not let the Prime Day period lapse. The best approach is to add products to your cart a day before Prime Day and wait for the day to see if there is a price drop. The benefit of doing this is also avoiding stockouts, periods when too many people are buying at the same time, and commotion while trying to find a product last minute. Remember you need a Prime subscription to enjoy these deals. Get a FREE 30-Day Prime Trial here. You can cancel anytime.

30-Day FREE Prime Trial


Home and Garden

Amazon have a wide selection of home and garden products and Prime Day is an amazing opportunity to get yourself furniture, plants, and decor pieces. We have some pieces we have been wanting to buy and these are already in our cart. Be strategic about the home and garden products you want to buy. These are high price items so have a list of what you need before getting on to Amazon to avoid overbuying.

The Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

This grill comes with a dual venting system and is an item we are looking to buy ourselves. Get it here.

Pulaski Leather Accent Chair

We love this chair and think it’s a perfect addition for interior decor that has a vintage and minimalist vibe. Get it here.

nuLOOM Rigo Handwoven Area Rug

Every space needs that special piece to accent it. We picked this rug because it’s handwoven and beautifully textured. Get it here.

POLY & BARK Girona Tanned Leather Sofa

Not all sofas are equal and when it’s a question of bringing a rustic touch to your home, we recommend a leather couch. We love this one in particular. Get it here.


Mother’s Day was not long ago and you can get some amazing deals on kitchen products on Prime Day. Kitchen products can be quite high-priced especially when looking for items such as appliances. Prime Day presents the perfect opportunity to get some of these high-priced products. Another way to get the most out of a big shopping event is to buy the pricier items first, then the less pricy ones to ensure that you do not go beyond your budget.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker is so good it can also make frozen yogurt. The consistency of the ice cream is good and the whole process is super easy. Get it here.

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Every good meal requires precision cooking. The Lodge Dutch Oven is perfect for ensuring a well-heated and evenly cooked meal. Get it here.

KITCHENAID Professional Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

Nothing makes baking a lot easier like finding a way to quickly, easily, and efficiently mix ingredients. A good mixer is a telltale of a good and dedicated cook. KITCHENAID make the best mixers and we love the 600 series in particular. Get it here.


Prime Day is the glam day. The deals that you get on makeup and beauty products on Prime Day are unmatched. Beauty products can be so many that you do not know which ones to get. As such, the trick is to ensure you get products from brands you know and trust. For all products on Amazon, the seller you buy from could be the difference between seamless returns and return issues for products that fall below expectations. A good brand will also have a link to its store on Amazon. Additionally, make sure you check the dates of manufacturing and delivery for the products on Amazon and even when the products arrive. This is a good way to avoid buying older versions of products, lengthy delivery times, and buying or using overstayed or expired products.

BS-MALL Makeup Brushes

Every makeup enthusiast needs the finest set of makeup brushes available. These are our picks. Get them here

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

We recommend this body scrub because it’s one of those products that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Get it here.

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

This patch is an amazing way to get rid of acne and pimples. Get it here.

Prime Day gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Make sure you do this Prime Day and get yourself some amazing items from Amazon. You can find more of our product recommendations on my Amazon Storefront. Don’t forget to check out our Prime Day 2021 gadget deals list. Make sure you are keen on your spending to avoid over-indulging or buying products you do not actually need. We wish you the very best Prime Day ever. Check out for more offers on our Offer’s page up top on the menu. Contact us if you have any inquiries and we will be glad to help. Enjoy!

All brand logos, images, and trademarks are properties of their respective brands.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: A Special Gift for Mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: A Special Gift for Mom

Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday that allows us to express our love for our mothers. Moms deserve the world, and a perfect way to appreciate your mom is to buy her a gift. Mothers are very special, and not just any gift will do. Splurge and buy your mom a gift she will adore and one that she will always think about you when she sees. Moms are superheroes, and a thoughtful gift for your mom could go a long way in making her feel appreciated and loved. Even more, a gift can also provide immense utility for your mom. Think beyond clothing and jewelry and explore gifts that will make your mom’s job easier, be it at work or while at home preparing a meal, for instance. Let’s dive in and discover Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: A Special Gift for Mom.

(This blog post includes affiliate links from which the author may earn for qualifying purchases.)

1. The Diamond Accented “Mom” Pendant in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold 

The Diamond Accented “Mom” Pendant is an amazing necklace by Fred Meyers Jewelers with the word “MOM” draped across it. The necklace features a heart design made of sparkling round diamonds surrounding the word “MOM.” The draping is made of 10K Rose Gold and is a perfect gift for your mom. It’s gorgeous. Fred Meyers Jewelers have been so thoughtful and have discounted it hugely with a reduced price of $162.50, all the way from $325. I absolutely love this necklace, and it’s a gift I am considering getting for my mom. The Diamond Accented “Mom” Pendant in Sterling Silver and 10K Rose Gold is currently on offer in a clearance sale, so hurry and get it while stocks last! Get it here.


2. The Pleated Dress with Spaghetti Strap Dress

Nothing says love more than a beautiful dress as a gift. Get your mom or a mom you appreciate the Pleated Dress with Spaghetti Strap Dress by Dresslily. It is a chich fashionable dress that will see moms stand out and be fashionably chic. The pink color and the spaghetti strap dress add-on are what I love most about it. It gives off the vibe of warmth and affection. The Pleated Dress with Spaghetti Strap Dress is a favorite for me. Get it here

Pleated Dress with Spaghetti Strap Dress – $26.99

Retail Price: $35.90
You Save: $8.91

3. The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, Large

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, Large is coffee machine perfection at its finest. It is the ultimate gift for your mom on mother’s day and comes with top-notch coffee-making capabilities. It allows mom to make that perfect cup of coffee every day, as she would with a barista. I know my mom enjoys some espresso, and I could imagine how awesome it would be to get the Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, Large for her.

As a gift for mom, it is also beneficial to me when I am at home. If you live at home, this would be a clever gift as it would also mean amazing coffee for everyone, including you. The Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, Large comes loaded with numerous features, including manual microfoam milk texturing and precise espresso extraction. Everyone at home will love it. Get it here. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying links.

4. The 90 Degree by Reflex Prove Them Wrong Leggings

The 90 Degree by Reflex Prove Them Wrong Leggings are a perfect gift for mom. When we think about moms, we mostly think of old-fashioned baggy clothes. However, moms want to be trendy too. Surprise your mom with this beautiful pair of leggings, and let her rock some ‘sauce’ for a change. The 90 Degree by Reflex Prove Them Wrong Leggings from Proozy are perfect for the gym, taking a bicycle ride, and even running errands. They will make your mom’s days easier and more relaxed. The 90 Degree by Reflex Prove Them Wrong Leggings are an awesome gift for mom on mother’s day and come in beautiful pink. Get them here


90 Degree by Reflex Prove Them Wrong Leggings – $19.99

Retail Price: $78.00
You Save: $58.01

5. A Canva Pro or PicsArt Subscription

Your mom lives in the digital age as you do and will need to edit an image on their phone, make a poster, or design a graphic. As such, it is only right that you get here a Canva or PicsArt subscription this mother’s day. I find that when you empower your mom to do tech stuff on her own, she feels more confident when dealing with technology and will be so excited to learn how to do something techie for herself. Moms will also find it super helpful and thoughtful to think about their photo editing and graphic design efforts and overall interaction with technology. 


Canva is a graphic editing platform for posters, presentations, and graphics. It is perfect as a gift for your mom because she can use it for work or to create social media graphics. A Canva Pro subscription will go a long way to ensure that she has access to thousands of really gorgeous templates and increased features beyond those available with the free version. Get the Canva Pro subscription here.


PicsArt is a photo and video editor app with a ton of amazing templates and comes with extensive capabilities. PicsArt is the go-to photo and video editing app for anyone who loves the art of taking pictures and videos and editing them on your phone, especially and even on your computer. PicsArt is also a wonderful gift for mom because it would allow her to edit photos and videos on her phone and create edits that can be used for social media apps, including YouTube. Get PicsArt here


6. The Organic Cotton Iridescent Logo Cape Dress from Calvin Klein Women’s

Moms are super special and deserve exceptional clothing. The Organic Cotton Iridescent Logo Cape Dress is a chill, relaxed dress that would be perfect to pair with leggings. It is perfect to appreciate someone else that’s also a mom on mother’s day, like a bestie, colleague, cousin, or aunt. It is super comfortable and will ensure a young trendy mom has better days rocking something trendy. Get it here.

Get your mom and someone else you want to appreciate this mother’s day a dress from Calvin Klein and have her rock something priceless. Calvin Klein designer clothes are trendy, fashionable and will ensure your mom makes a statement. Calvin Klein dresses are perfect for a night out where you can take a mom to dinner or on an afternoon for a picnic. Get your mom an outfit from Calvin Klein and spruce up her wardrobe. Get Calvin Klein outfits for women here.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

7. The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes 

Nothing says “mom, I know you get it,” like a good pair of sneakers. Your mom already has enough stiletto shoes in her wardrobe. She doesn’t need more boring in her closet. She needs more fun. Get her the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes and wow her with their comfort and wearability. In these, she can run and do exercises. The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes are also perfect for running errands and will have her feeling comfortable, understood, and flexible. Get the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes here.



8. The Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is a DIY cutting and drawing machine. It is a perfect gift for a DIY mom who loves to create DIY crafts with materials such as paper, iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, and even cardboard. The Cricut Joy is a marvel of modern technology and would be perfect as a tool for your mom’s DIY crafts projects. Cricut have amazing offers, and beyond the machine itself, they provide an entire library of designs with a subscription and stand-alone designs that she can buy on a per-unit basis. They also have an app that your mom can use to load designs in numerous formats, including SVG. You can even emboss with machines such as the Cricut Cuttlebug.

The Cricut Joy is an awesome gift for your mom on mother’s day as it would gift her an entirely new high-tech hobby and even side hustle. She could use it to design tote bags, greeting cards, flower and petal designs, and even home decor pieces. The Cricut Joy has Bluetooth, is compact, and can even be used offline. Cricut machines load Cricut designs or your own uploaded designs from your computer. The Cricut Joy could also be a tool that you use for fun together, ensuring you spend even more quality time with your mom. Get the Cricut Joy here. It comes highly recommended.

9. The Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera

A camera is an awesome gift to gift your mom on mother’s day. The Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera is an awesome beginner camera that your mom will love. It comes with many features, including Bluetooth technology, and will be perfect for her to snap photos with. It also has the ability to edit photos within the camera, making it super flexible and easy to share images to social media in an instant. I am sure your mom would love a camera to take with her when she goes on a trip or even a cruise. The Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera will ensure that she captures those special unforgettable moments and acquires some photography skills while at it. Get the Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera here.

10. The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

This is a special one. The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp is one of the most high-tech and beautiful lamps out there. It is a superfluously perfect gift for a mom because it is just so impressive. It is so good that it will keep kids on the Govee home app on their mom’s phone trying to mess about with the light colors of the lamp. The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp is a table lamp like no other. It comes with 20 amazing lighting effects, including aurora, and my favorite, fire. The lamp has Wi-Fi connectivity and is integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant. It will literary respond to a voice command.

The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp also has a cool feature in that mom can sync it with music playing on a device with Wi-Fi to allow it to show color and lighting visualizations of the music. It has so many awesome features. Another one is that one can set a timer for the lamp to slowly dim out or increase its brightness. The Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp is a gift your mom will absolutely love and be impressed by. I can see moms using this lamp when doing yoga, camping, or helping their kids with homework. It’s totally perfect. Get it here.

11. The Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit Training Shoes

Your mom can be sneaker trendy. I would even say a true sneakerhead won’t be selfish and not introduce his or her mom to the culture. Sneakers are in right now. Forget all those bulky, heeled, and hard-to-walk-on leather shoes. The Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit Training Shoes is an amazing expression of style. It is a sneaker that is perfect as a training shoe for your mom. It’s amazingly flexible, well-contoured, and comfortable. The Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit Training Shoes just dropped and are in many ways the perfect gift for a mom this mother’s day. As with all Reebok shoes, they are made for form, functionality, and to last. Get the Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit Training Shoes here.

Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Grit Training Shoes in Dark Orchid/Core Black/Hyper Purple Size 6.5 – Cross Training,Training Shoes – $130.00

from: Reebok

12. The KitchenAid Commercial Countertop 10-Speed Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid Commercial Countertop 10-Speed Stand Mixer is the ultimate mixer to gift to your mom. Your mom has cooked for you all your life. Don’t you think it’s time you made her time in the kitchen easier? That exactly what the KitchenAid Commercial Countertop 10-Speed Stand Mixer will do. When it comes to baking, mixing the dough can be pretty tough and tedious. By getting your mom a mixer, her time making bread, cookies, pastries, and cakes will be much easier. The KitchenAid Commercial Countertop 10-Speed Stand Mixer will bring joy and fun back to baking and be a very thoughtful gift for your mom. Get it here.

That’s it for our ‘Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: A Special Gift for Mom’ list. Happy Mother’s Day! Show your mom some love and get her a thoughtful gift. Mother’s day is not only about appreciating your mom. It is about appreciating other moms too. Even more, it is a day to appreciate the women in your life. A gift is an expression of love, but not just any gift will do. Get a thoughtful gift and make your mom feel that you really went that extra mile to make sure she feels special, loved, and appreciated this mother’s day!

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