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Soft Life: What It is and Why You Don’t Need It

The idea of a ‘soft life’ is something that is increasingly misleading the youth into thinking that wealth can be achieved easily. With the advent of social media and the portrayal of exuberant lifestyles therein, many youths are being drawn to engage themselves in undignified activities while seeking wealth. Many are being drawn into the idea that they can lead opulent lives and have a ‘soft life’.

What is a Soft Life? + Soft Life Activities

The soft life, as sold on social media, is a life free of problems and a life where one is traveling all over the world, always on vacation, eating at the best and most expensive restaurants, and shopping for all eternity. It is a callous idea and I can’t believe that people think that that could be the reality for them, without putting in the work.


The soft life idea has also exacerbated ‘manifesting’ or essentially wishing for and attracting wealth through spiritual means. Essentially, manifesting is wishing for wealth or relationships or whatever, that is not followed up by any substantial work or effort to get the things one wants. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you can manifest all day and night and you will still not get a thing if you do not work hard. It takes relentless effort and numerous unending sleepless nights to get somewhere in life.

Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off.
Those who are truly wealthy and not concerned with showing off. Manifest wisely!

Those that are truly wealthy today got wealthy off their sweat and many take decades trying to build something until it succeeds. As such, you can not and should not be led to think that there is anything like a soft life in reality. Most of the influencers and social media personalities portraying such soft-life lifestyles are putting on a show and making a front with money that is not theirs, and some even with wealth that has been acquired illegally. Take Hush Puppi, for instance.

Lavish Lifestyles on Social Media

Never feel like you’re being left behind when you see others on social media seemingly living lavish lives. You may think that that is what you want but do not have any idea about what some of those people do to get that money. The idea of living a soft life is increasingly misleading the youth to engage themselves in ‘blesser’ or ‘sponsor’ relationships where they trade sex for money and go around wrecking homes and marriages. You need to know that nothing in this life is free. One could be financing your posh lifestyle but that could end up with you in a ditch somewhere one day.

Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles. Soft Life
Social media can be misleading with pictures of opulence and lavish lifestyles.

Your blesser’s partner could send you mercenaries to end your life just because you got involved with their partner or wrecked their marriage. Some are even getting into prostitution and sex work, all in pursuit of a soft life. This is so unfortunate and we cannot condemn enough such actions. The moment you are willing to sell your body for something is the moment you lose yourself.

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We think that ‘selling your soul’ is literal selling of the soul but it also entails losing yourself to acquire money. If you are out there prostituting yourself to get money and lead a soft life, then you already sold your soul for money. You see.

Social media has numerous negative effects, don’t let notions of a soft life and the problems that come with it be one.

Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul. Soft Life.
Not even all the gold in the world is worth your soul.

The Aloofness of the Idea of a Soft Life

Real wealth is pure. Soft Life.
Real wealth is pure.

I am infuriated by the extent that the youth will go to lead idyllic lifestyles. I am so angry about this. I am very angry to see college students or young beautiful ladies who could be the next Michelle Obamas settle for being Vera Sidikas or socialites. I am so angry that a lot of the youths today are falling for the idea of leading an easy problem-free wealthy life and lifestyle. I am aghast and baffled that people believe that what they see on social media is reality and that everyone seemingly living a lavish life is actually leading one. It is so aloof, sorry to say, and the callousness of endorsing and believing in such an idea shocks me.

I don’t know where the youth of this country and the world as a whole, are going because it seems that somewhere along the line, we were not taught that true wealth emanates from hard work. I feel like the education systems failed to teach morals and morality and to cushion the youth and everyone else from being led to wanting easy and free things. I would rather have a proper social life than a soft life.

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Nothing is Free in Life

Be warned that nothing is free in this life. Yes, your blesser will shower you with money but be sure that you will pay for it. You may think that paying for it only entails a sexual relationship or sex or sexual acts but you may later realize that you sold your soul to the highest bidder when it all comes crumbling down. Many ‘blessees‘ have been abused, raped, and even lost their lives due to engaging themselves in such sex-for-money relationships. Others have ended up with trauma and lifelong scars. Such a relationship is likely to end up becoming abusive and they are often seen to be violent. One could also be asked to perform unnatural and immoral sexual acts, much to the detriment of their self-esteem, dignity, and self-respect.

Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.
Seek art and not opulence. Seek enrichment and becoming more cultured.

My plea to everyone out there is to love yours. Love your life. Love what you have and leave notions of wealth or opulence to social media and those who want to pay the price for a soft life. For you, I would hope for something better, something real, and something that will make you truly rich. I hope that you uphold your dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect and realize that true wealth is acquired through hard work and toil. Get an education, launch your career and work as hard as hell to buy for yourself what you want. I repeat, to buy for yourself what you want. Choose you every time. Choose and love yours.

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Build Your Own Empire

Live an opulent life because you have built it for yourself. Live in that mansion that you bought with your own legal and properly earned money. Bask in the pride of knowing that you worked as hard as possible to build something meaningful for yourself. Find your happiness in uplifting others and mentoring others to get to where you are and to do it the right way. What we don’t notice is that those who are truly wealthy will never act all exuberant on social media. I have never seen Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg flaunting a sports car.

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I have never seen Jeff Bezos on social media telling us that he has gone on a beach holiday in the Maldives. I have never seen any of these truly wealthy people holding up a bottle of champagne or liqueurs in their social media flaunting. Never. These things are nothing to them. The truth is that those who are truly wealthy do not care about how they are seen.

Money does not make the world go round, impact does. Soft Life
Money does not make the world go round, impact does.

They do not care about what others think of them and they do not need validation that they are rich. These guys are thinking about one day setting up a colony in space. They are thinking about having a positive impact on the world, not the nonsense that we see on social media every day. I would rather build my own empire.

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Your Morals are Everything!

You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time. Soft Life
You cannot take a vacation for all eternity. Even a trip to the Maldives will bore you after some time.

Do better and be better. Do not lose your principles, morals, and dignity following menial wealth and social media fame. It may seem like a holiday to the Maldives is a huge thing to you but it is just a holiday like any other. You may feel like a $10,000 bottle of champagne is a huge deal to you but to others, that’s what they drink on a Tuesday after work. Most of what may seem idyllic to you is nothing to those who are truly wealthy. To them, owning a Bentley is child’s play. They see a few million dollars as peanuts and are almost breaking out in laughter seeing everyone else ogle at such little wealth.

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Be Mindful of Who Influences You

Influence yourself by looking up to people who really stand for something. Do not let influencers or social media lead you out of the path of greatness just to follow some nights in a holiday resort where you are having to perform illicit acts to sustain the lifestyle. Do not dream too small. Honestly. Do not dream too small. A vacation is nothing. An expensive bottle of champagne is nothing. A fancy sports car is nothing. True wealth is meaningful and has a positive impact on the world and the lives of others. Fancy resorts are still just resorts, the Maldives’ sandy beaches are still just sandy beaches and expensive bottles of champagne still taste like usual champagne.

All jewerly still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.
All jewelry still serves the purpose of beauty, no matter how expensive.

Having a gold watch or gold jewelry is still only jewelry and it will still serve the same purpose as having gold-coated jewelry and even, nothing on at all. Why hold yourself to the whims and standards of others? Why hold yourself to the beauty and lifestyle standards of others? Why should it concern you that an influencer just bought a new sports car or got this or that? Why? I mean, don’t we all know better.

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Are We Lacking Vision?

Can’t we see beyond the flashy curated lifestyles? Are we this aloof of what true wealth is? If so, then it is unfortunate because most will lose themselves and their lives chasing a soft life. A life that does not and will not exist. You may see the seemingly rich looking like they are always having a good time but they are people too and they suffer too. Some are engaged in scandals. Some cannot even sustain relationships. Some have problems with drug addiction. They are human just like you and me and their money or portrayed wealth does not shield them from problems. The soft life they are seemingly living is not real because life is everything but soft. Seek to live your dream, not someone else’s life.

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There is No Soft Life

True wealth is self created. Soft Life.
True wealth is self-created. Those who are truly wealthy do not care how they are seen.

Life is tough and jarring. It is challenging and hard and through all the toughness and pain is where true success lies. There are blessings in the pain. There is value in going after true wealth and working hard to build a life for yourself. When you have done this then you can rightfully and with dignity and self-respect, live as lavish a life as you want. You will truly be happy and will be the master of your own destiny.

You will do what you want, go where you want, and buy what you want without having to answer to anybody or have to give your body in return. You will be truly free. You will live a life that will be healthy, prosperous, and balanced. You will align your chakras and become so fulfilled knowing that what you have is yours and not caring about what you don’t have. Because wanting what you don’t have is a loser’s game and you could end up even losing the little that you already have. God bless and Godspeed.

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