The art of staying-in is a mastery that only a few can truly attain. Ask an Italian how to have real pleasure, and they’ll tell you it’s visiting a pizzeria, having a cappuccino, some pasta at the outdoor restaurant, and watching a football match in a pub while downing a drink. That is Italian pleasure, but pleasure for an average joe without all that social clout or even enough friends to indulge with is simply staying-in. Merely being in the house all day doing something that they enjoy.


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Staying-in starts with sleeping-in. Its all about finding a weekend or in the current pandemic, any day or week to just stay in the house. Sleeping-in is getting out of bed say 10 in the morning, and drowsy walking to the kitchen to fix up a coffee. The art of staying-in then commences, and it’s all about relaxation. Ask an Indian guru how to relax, and they will probably tell you its all about reflection. Letting your mind become open and letting go of the grief, sadness, and pain and allowing the world to flow in—the beauty, the chaos, the symmetry, nature and how it all comes together. 


Stay-ins are moments of utter joy and careless fulfillment. I say careless to mean without a care in the world. In the last century, it was unheard of just to stay indoors, and this got mostly reserved for small children, the elderly, and those who were ill. However, in the advent of cable and now on-demand TV, staying-in has become much more fun and cheaper. The current lockdown has exacerbated the situation, and now it is advisable to do just that, stay-in. 


    On-Demand TV

An on-demand TV subscription is a must-have for the adamant stay-in enthusiast. There is a lot of variety in what one can watch all day and all night. The freedom for directors to make the movies and series they want means that we consumers have better quality and higher caliber content to choose from. Gone are the days that only a single or few companies could conjure movies. There is freedom now, and ‘artistes’ can express their inner madness on a per-production basis. It democratizes the movie and entertainment industry by allowing talent to flourish without the extensive bureaucracy of companies and their control of markets.



Gamers, on the other hand, are the ultimate masters when it comes to hugging chairs and turning their backs on the world. Having the world shrink into a monitor and getting into that monitor and chasing bad guys. Gamers have literal sports car seats in their small bedrooms taking up half the room with a bed the size of a passenger lane in London. Gamers get a kick off pushing the buttons they possess, or they are possessed by in a sequence as per the instructions those buttons hold to them, and the games themselves. Gamers are essentially data entry specialists on steroids. One of us should come up with a way to game while helping make the world

a better place.



Staying-in is not so much about what the individual does while in the house all day but is about disconnecting from the regular routine. It is easy to get lost in daily living and our daily lives. We all have responsibilities, tasks and probably jobs that we have to accomplish and tend. These can cascade our lives into routines and schedules much to the detriment of relaxation, wellness, and mental health. As such, when an opportunity shows its beautiful head, staying-in is the right thing to do. Especially if you don’t have a way with outdoors or if you want to escape all the madness of traffic, crowds, and the buzz of the city.



Snacking is part of staying-in and gamers will tell you that a pack of crisps can save the world a whole lot of trouble. A lot of people tend to imbibe on energy drinks, and especially gamers have a way with caffeine while gaming for hours on end. Such action is not very healthy as caffeine intake on such a high level translates to sleep loss and excess concentration that could take away some of the individual’s daily energy stores. Snacking carelessly is a significant cause for concern as obesity and diabetes in places like the U.K have become public health catastrophes. Our bodies were not meant to take in too much fat or sugar in a short period. As such, staying-in should get done in a smart and healthy way.


    Taking a Break

It is always advisable to take breaks in between watching television, a movie, series or even gaming. After every hour or two, it is sensible just to get some fresh air. Having something healthy to eat like fruits and vegetables can make the difference between ending up overly tired after staying-in and becoming refreshed by the experience. Nobody should neglect their duties or responsibilities just to sit all day and do a stay-in. Staying-in should be pre-planned, and the individual should plan their stay-in days in a way that it is not to the detriment of their chores or responsibilities. What I am trying to say is, make sure you have fed the dog and taken it for a walk before you are comfortable with staying-in. Cook your own lunch or dinner to enrich the experience and don’t just buy take out. If you are unable to cook, rather than binge watch TV, stay-in and learn how to prepare a dish. There are many recipes and tutorials online, and with adequate research, you can even get a chance to enroll in an online cooking class. 



Happiness is all about balance and compensating adequately when taking advantage of free time or a chance to relax. Stay-ins can and should be healthy. If you are conversant with yoga, just laying out a mat and being in your speedos can make staying-in a whole experience. It presents an opportunity to stretch yourself or others. A treadmill would also do the trick, and you can run miles without leaving the house.

Interestingly, you can also have a pool that creates waves that you can swim against, and that is necessarily smart exercise. The better you take care of your body, the better your overall quality of life and life experience will be. The body is a temple, the cleaner and more serene it is, the better the experience of worship and being at peace. It is especially true when it comes to inner peace.



A healthy body creates an environment for a healthy mind. Health and wellness are critical pillars of the beauty of life. Mother nature has been so kind to us and provided us with serene environments that we can bring into our homes or our backyards. It means we don’t need to visit the park to get that green experience or fresh air. We should all have a garden of some sort in our backyards and some well-researched plants in the house. Having a home that is well-aerated would also mean a better experience indoors. A balcony especially can mean better sun intake and an enriched all-round, in-house experience especially now that it is increasingly difficult to travel.


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