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G.R.O.W Coaching Model

Coaching is crucial in organizational settings as it allows a mentor to impart vital knowledge to mentees. It gets done in a way that they can follow in his or her footsteps. The G.R.O.W Coaching model represents four parts, including the way forward, opportunity, reality, and goal stages.



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The way forward, what next, wrap up, or will stage is a commitment by the mentees to decisive actions as a way to ensure they reach their goal. The coach draws up a plan to guide ideas that have become discussed with the mentee. These entail specific timings and guidelines that become geared towards the progress that can get achieved.



The opportunity stage entails the examination of the various options on the approaches to overcoming current hurdles. Initially, the entire set of options should get discussed, and the mentee should get invited to make suggestions.



The reality stage entails the mentees and mentors, discussing and outlining the current situational reality. It gets done through various techniques and approaches. The mentee may be invited by the coach to access their circumstances. It gets done before the coach offers specific feedback or advice on the hurdles faced and the situation.



The goal stage is the initial stage, where the priority is the goal. On agreement on a topic for deliberation; both the mentor and the mentee should discuss the specific objectives and outcomes of the discussion. These can be short-term objectives that entail a transparent approach to the desired results. They are stipulated and agreed upon. Such leads to long term objectives and increased motivation. The goal must be timely, realistic, accurate, measurable, and specific.



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