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“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass: it’s about learning how to ride in the rain!” Any hobby should be a passion, a breath of fresh air in the hobbyist’s life. Think of a motorcycle hobby.


Touring motorcycles get referred to as dresser, full dress tourer, full dresser, or bagger. These are terms used disparagingly referring to Harley-Davidsons or other motorcycle cruisers that have complete sets of saddlebags. The feeling of going through the plains in a full saddle dresser is one that cannot get put into words. The epitome of motorcycle engineering, the passion, and the community of riders is a companionship that will last a lifetime. There is a feeling that is magical about the experience of owning, caring for, and riding a bike and doing it with like-minded friends.


The evolution of transportation did not happen only in machinery and technology but also in the perceptions, views, and the relationships hobbyists have with their motorcycles. It is shocking to think someone would spend $14000 to $30000 on a motorcycle. Companies like Harley Davidson and Indian have some of the best motorcycles on the face of the earth. They create and assemble these beautiful pieces of modern mechanical engineering. The industrialization of motorcycle manufacturing also means that there is something for all interests and tastes.


Motorcycles are cheaper than they have ever been. They come in so many shapes, forms, brands, and variations and can be the ultimate hobby items. The beauty of this is that you can buy a motorcycle, new or used, and refurbish it to your specific needs and interests. Riding motorcycles is primarily associated with imparting a unique sense of freedom. Not only is it an exciting and fun experience, but a motorcycle hobby is good for one’s health and can help with mindfulness.


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