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    In definition, aliens are foreign entities, objects, or species that, in the context of the earth, originate from other planets, solar systems, or galaxies. An alien within the context of a nation can be a foreigner or expatriate who has chosen to work or live in a country other than their own. For this article, I want to talk about aliens, literal we-don’t-know-if-they-exist aliens. Indulge me and let’s get into some sci-fi fantasy. 


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:


Solar systems can be grouped and referred to as a galaxy. Our galaxy is the milky way galaxy. For perspective, if you were in a spaceship from a distance watching the milky way, you would not be able to pinpoint the earth from other entities in the milky way galaxy. The earth is a spec the further out you go, and the expanse of space is in the millions if not billions of unending kilometers. Space is infinite and does not follow conventional or earthly rules of time. Let’s zoom in and look at our solar system. There are eight planets since pluto got disqualified. Earth is the only inhabitable planet in our solar system as far as we know. It may not be the case.

Planets such as mars are only different from the earth only in a few aspects. The atmosphere of Mars is thinner, and there is less gravity on mars due to its lower mass as compared to the earth. It means that if you went to mass, you would be lighter. Alternatively, if you went and lived on mars then came back, you would struggle to walk as you would feel heavier. Mars also has insane sandstorms. These are horrid storms that sweep through the planet. Yes, there is sand on Mars, and wind, and even if it is inhabitable due to its atmosphere, there are technologies that could make its inhabitation possible.

There have also been discoveries of water on the planet in the form of ice.

    Human Curiosity

Human curiosity is good and has led us, earthlings, or the human species, to explore other planets within our solar system. Such reach is as far as we can go at the moment, and the current aspiration is to reach mars through a manned mission to the planet. Remember, solar systems make up galaxies, and beyond galaxies, there is space. You have to marvel at the expanse of this nothingness for it to get called just that ‘space.’ The human brain is incapable of conceptualizing the expanse of space. We cannot imagine, on our own, what space is like. We lack the computing power to make a calculation that infinite and to make a picture of it in our brains. 

Aliens have been a subject of numerous conspiracy theories. A lot has become speculated about aliens and whether they exist or not. Human curiosity can be a pain when dealing with such incomprehensible questions. There have been hoards of alleged evidence of the existence of unknown foreign objects or UFOs. These are crafts, be it air or spacecrafts, that have been sighted or alleged to be sighted that were inexplicable using human logic. My views on the point are insignificant, but I want us to imagine what the existence of aliens would be like. 


Picture this, its the year 2300, and human evolution is at its peak with seamless digitization. Human life is utopian, and nature and human living are symbiotic and harmonious. The human species has succeeded in colonizing mars, and humans are living there. They live in homes on the Martian surface that protect them from the harmful elements in that atmosphere. Earth has become nourished through intricate regeneration technologies and a garbage-free system of production and human consumption. Technology is at its peak, and humans can physically interact with digital cells that can become programmed into any form. 3D printing technology is a thing of the past, and there is 10D printing where individual material components can come together to form objects.

There are no governments, and humans follow an intricate system of self-governance. Artificial intelligence is at the core of human life, regulation, and human justice systems. Transportation is seamless, and humans can circumnavigate the earth in minutes. The oceans are alive and unpolluted, with colonies of human settlers in oceanic cities similar to Atlantis. Humans no longer fully die, and they can upload their consciousness and DNA for a new bio-regenerative body once their own has become depleted. Computers are no longer static and in the form of devices and are interfaces that can get summoned from thin air. Human architecture has morphed into beautiful computer and human collaborative masterpieces that adorn cities all over the world. Life is ultra.

    The Landing

Out of thin air, all digital systems get blocked by interference emanating from signals unknown to man. A colossal spaceship becomes seen approaching our solar system. When I say huge, I am talking of a spaceship the size of Manhattan. Instantaneously, all communications are overridden by a digital video that displays a humanoid communicating in an unknown language. The feed stutters and translations override the original sound. And the discussions is as follows: “Human species, we arrive in your galaxy. Who do you follow? Where is your leader? Who represents earth.” Everybody is in panic mode, and for half a second, the earth remains still. The feed cuts, and the world is in chaos. Instinctively, all defense systems activate, and the leader of the most powerful nation gets set to make an address. Remember, humans are self-led yes, but countries still exist and can be represented by individuals who are recommended by the AI and appointed or elected virtually.   


The leader of the most powerful nation is shaken and commands all earthly defenses to prepare for an imminent attack. The AI quickly summons space specialists and the geniuses of the world, and they get immediately whisked to their pods that use magnetic fields for propulsion. They reach world metropolis and are quickly led to the leader’s office, where they are directly assigned advisory duties. The earth is quickly blanketed by an artificial layer of planetary defense sheets or that capture and enclose a human-made ozone. The earth is protected. The leader composes herself and approaches the stage for a one-on-one with the alien species.


They greet, and the aliens seem emotionless. Their faces become dotted with strands that seem to float in the air like jellyfish in the water. They have no mouths, no ears, and only communicate by controlling their systems with their brains. Their technology is complicated and immediately overloads the communication infrastructure of world metropolis. The most powerful supercomputer at the time, ULTRA, is engaged and can effectively translate communication word-by-word. Everyone is scared. The AI is interrupted and goes into a code-displaying frenzy. Lines of code move up so rapidly that one cannot read them. It is evolving. The aliens upgrade it to a new and all-knowing infrastructure. 


    The Future

The AI displays a feed showing the origin of their aliens and their existence story. Everyone is still in awe. Families are in their panic rooms, which are spaces where humans can exist both in their bio-regenerative bodies and also in computer systems as their consciousnesses. The aliens land on Jupiter, and immediately, the planet is engulfed by a bubble of alien atmosphere and a sheath-like that of the earth. Satellites are overloaded, time is interrupted, and the world is on a vector point, a point of no time. Over the next century, humans and aliens negotiate and formulate boards that will represent each species to figure out the various ways to co-exist. Intelligence gets shared between the two, and we can see a glimpse of what the future for life will be like in the continuum of space. Humans evolve into digitized and non-physical lifeforms that are similar to what aliens involve into. All species become one as evolution happens through a collaboration of bits of intelligence. Another big bang becomes instigated, and the solar system, galaxies, and space reformed. 

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David Mania
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