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The Future of Cloud Computing and Operating Systems

  Operating systems can either be cloud operating systems, mainframe, desktop, or real-time operating systems. Generally, all types have the following components. The security that allows for hierarchy when it comes to persisting data. User interfaces can be the windows system or the command-line shell. Others include device drivers that drive different hardware from numerous providers. A good example is Amazon S3 Cloud Computing. Lastly, the kernel which manages processes and memory.


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:

  Cloud operating systems are the future of cloud computing and operating systems. They get designed to run a single application in one virtual machine, thus extensively removing the functionality of single-purpose operating systems. It is possible that this is performed directly on hardware and would require every language runtime to get ported to varied hardware environments. However, this can be expensive and has limited the adoption of cloud OS until recently.


  Cloud OS and cloud computing revisit the library OS approach to building operating systems. It then gets put into the context of cloud computing within a virtual machine. The primary purpose of this approach is to simplify cloud application stacks significantly. Others include simplified management and increased system security for application stacks in the cloud, offering less complexity, and removing abstraction layers.


  The security of a system is dependent on the damage that an exploit can do—moreover, the amount of code in the system. The cloud OS has only a single language runtime and application, while in a typical cloud application, attacks always commence with input that would try to get user data or lead to an invasion of the underlying applications or OS.

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