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    Feminism is a school of thought that is applied widely in the study of sociology. Feminism aims to go beyond or get away from the male standpoint with focus, analytics, and assumptions that are inclined towards female society. The theory illuminates issues, trends, and problems in society that are misidentified or overlooked in social theory due to a male perspective and way of doing things. The main focus areas of feminism are stereotypes and gender roles, oppression and power, inequality in economy and structure, objectification, discrimination, and exclusion due to gender and sex, and so on. Several feminists have debated on feminist theory. The debate flow was as follows, per each feminist and their contribution.


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:


    Silvia Federici

Silvia Federici is a feminist who has been at it for a while. Her views on capitalist society, its reproduction, and the position of women are as follows.  She regards herself as different from authors; even those she has co-authored with. Her approach to these issues is unique in the way she draws analysis. On wages and housework, she says, it has always been defined as a construction of a capitalist nature. It is especially true for the people who work intending to make it a social reproduction of labor power. She finds reproductive and domestic work to be of dual character.

It gives life and adds to the labor force despite being subject to numerous constraints.


    Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde explains that the problem of capitalism and labor exemplifies a more significant problem in society. In her view, the presence of a society that undermines women is not a result of men’s actions but the making of the women themselves. She is a feminist who regards herself as being part of the outside circle of society’s definition of acceptable women. She calls herself poor, black, and lesbian, saying she is a part of those in the crucibles of difference due to being forged that way. She terms survival as not being a skill pertinent to academics. According to Audre, Survival is being a student to taking the differences we possess and finding a way to turn them into strengths. The tools of the master, in her view, will never bring destruction to the house of the master. She says that “they” may allow a temporary beat-at-their-own-game but never enable them to enact change, genuine change.


    Lindy West

Lindy is agitated by the reality of society. Especially by the fact that not all women are feminists. The concept of the master does not rub her well, and she blames the situation on the privileged. She has covered broad topics and cites her recent work. Her analysis of the Gestation Age Act and the lawsuits that ensue is that they result from increased vulnerability and limited access to laws and courts. Metaphorically, also because there are a dozen restrictions to accessing abortion in vulnerable populations, especially in states like Mississippi. She despises Targeted Regulation of Abortion laws and fifteen-day gestational bans. She terms these as intended burdens to abortion clinics with a bureaucracy that is logistically and financially burdensome. Many cases on this issue have been impossible to reopen and revive. Moreover, she speaks of the ease of living in a progressive city; and how it could lead one into falling into a privilege gap. Moreover, becoming privileged so much as to proclaim being a believer in abortion and fighting for the cause.

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