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Climate Change and Why It Means So Much To The Young


Climate change is undoubtedly the topic of the decade. I feel like we need to educate ourselves on what our daily actions mean for future generations. When I say ‘We’ I mean Everyone. All of us, individuals, governments, non-profits, and everyone should do our part in ensuring that we take care of our surroundings. It should not just be a way to contribute, but it should also be a way to communicate and educate. Most people don’t have the correct or adequate information on such issues.


The world has been warming up, and this has led to the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps. It means that the oceans will rise as melted glaciers will add to the oceans. The consequence of this is rising in sea levels leading to the displacement of those living near shorelines. Countries that are at sea level or are island nations will see increased sea levels meaning that people will have to relocate to higher ground. Take the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, for example. The country decided to move its capital city as it has started sinking.


Rising sea levels, coupled with the increased use of underground water, has led the city to sink. To avoid such plight for all of us, we need to educate ourselves and others on climate change. #ClimateChange affects all of us, and we can all feel the global warming that has been exacerbated by global carbon emissions in the last few years. Last year and this year have been the hottest in some places, and a global increase of just a single degree Celcius could have devastating consequences. As such, we should all create a culture of environmental responsibility.


Please stay responsible and take care of the environment. Educate others to do the same and save as much energy as possible. Always trace the production of the goods you consumer to ensure they got produced in a climate-friendly way. Thanks for reading. Please contact us, and we can discuss the topic in detail. Thanks. Watch the video below for more on Climate Change.



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