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    Modern living has come out of the literal and figurative box. Today, architecture has become an art form and a way for architects to convey emotion, beauty, and aesthetics through their buildings. A big part of what we now appreciate as modern architecture involves the outdoors. We are now increasingly aware of the importance and utility of having an outdoor space where one can relax and take in the day. It has now become a dealbreaker for home seekers, and realtors who are selling houses without sufficient or considerable outdoor space are at a loss. Beyond having an outdoor space come with the house, one can build their own outdoor space or renovate space such as utility space to create an outdoor area. 


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:

    Modern Living

Modern living is so much about budget and utility as it is about comfort. Depending on the location and the market factors, aspiring homeowners can have increased access to affordable living spaces. These can also entail a potential for renovation or homes that are recently renovated. Affordability does not always collide with comfort, and depending on the location of the space; an individual can get a comfortable house for relatively low prices. Expectedly, factors such as the country’s economy, foreign exchange rates, tax, and regulations will influence price. Still, wherever in the world one resides, they have the potential to create a great outdoor space. 


    Unconventional Homes

Conventionally, when we think of houses, we think of stone, wood, or solidly mounted on-the-ground houses. These are structures that are built on a concrete foundation and located on solid ground. However, this locks out houses on boats, airplanes repurposed as housing, mobile homes or recreational vehicles, RVs, among others. By understanding that houses need not be conventional, we can appreciate the beauty of modern architecture. Even shipping containers are repurposed as housing, and this would present a low cost and portable solution to one’s housing needs. There are also exotic and custom or extreme homes whose charm is only surpassed by their comfort. Depending on one’s budget, there are solutions for all aspiring homeowners.



Outdoor living has morphed over the years to be crucial to the degree of comfort of a house. In the past, castles and palaces would have extensive grounds where horses would be reared and have thousands of kilometres to run in the sun. Today, there is less space, and this creates the need for innovative ways to create outdoor living space. The first solution to come to mind is a balcony. It is an outcropping in a storied building that allows an individual a small space to get a breath of fresh air or enjoy the view. Another solution could be having a rooftop or a roof terrace or patio, where instead of the house having a tiled or sheet roof, it has an outdoor space that is immediately on top of the house. Such is the case for apartments and concrete buildings where utilities and tanks are placed on the roof to aid with the utilisation of less space. Outdoor living can also be and is ideally a space outside the house where homeowners can have a swimming pool, a bathtub, and even an outdoor kitchen. This space ensures that homeowners have enough space for entertaining their guests and for enjoying leisure time. Depending on one’s budget, having a mini water park outside a house is possible and can be done in a modern, versatile, and utility-driven way. In other words, as long as one can afford it, they can have all the outdoor living comforts they need. 


    Limited Space

In modern cities and city suburbs, there lacks the excess space for homeowners to have all these outdoor luxuries and most homes will only have a small backyard where they can have a small kitchen garden or a limited outdoor living area. It is not necessarily part of living with less and when complementing such limited space; homeowners can transform these places using artwork, mini-sculptures, and even a hot tub or jacuzzi. Doing this would ensure that despite limitations in space, homeowners can enjoy their homes and the outdoors without having to leave their homes. For those lucky enough to live near a beach, they can transform this outside space into a dining area and in a way, extend the comfort of indoors to the outdoor living area. Through effective budgeting and having a vision and a team to see the concept through, one can transform seemingly limited space into a comfortable outdoor living area. In most instances, having a dedicated engineer to the renovation or building project can make a world of difference. For those building their own homes, knowing what you as the homeowner want and need can save you a lot of time and money that would otherwise get spent on renovations. As such, those building their own homes should have a clear and documented vision of what their dream home is. This plan should entail architectural drawings by a qualified architect and as per the space available. Accurate measurements should be done and implied in the projects. 


    Infusing Character

Modern living is so much more than what would just be fitting and entails proper comfortability and infusing character into spaces. By having a space speak to the aesthetics and style of the homeowner, they can create a space where they feel comfortable and at home. Such spaces can be places to make lots of good memories with family and friends and envisaged as an investment for the long term. By having a clear vision from the onset of building or renovation, homeowners can invest adequately in a project and ensure that they do a one-off job. Even with a budget, providing the use of high quality, versatile and durable materials means that there won’t be a need for a renovation. Homes should also be cushioned and protected against natural disasters such as hurricanes, and outdoor spaces should have access to enclosed spaces for shelter in case of a storm. Every outdoor space should also have a roof or shade and enough sitting space to ensure relaxation and



    Going All-in

Homeowners have the opportunity to go all-in and even put a lovely cushy sofa on the patio, build a swimming pool with a grotto, and have a barbeque where they can invite friends over to enjoy free time. Depending on the comfortability of the outdoor space and the items and appliances there, it should be cordoned off or fenced. Security is paramount, and homeowners should ensure that their outdoors are as secure as indoors. The furniture placed outdoor should also be weather resistant or placed in an enclosed area to prevent water damage. Having a television in an outdoor patio is also essential. It can be the difference between needing to be indoors to watch a game, or having the comfort of being outdoors while barbequing and comfortably watching a game. Appliances are also crucial, and it is always advisable to have a small fridge, granite or wooden tabletop, and seats for serving guests: the better the facilitation, the more comfortable the space. Outdoor living is a massive part of modern lifestyle and home design. Aspiring homeowners should always do adequate research and find the outdoor facilitations that suit them and their budget. 

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