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Passion or Skill?

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Passion or skill? In employment, the worst thing is probably losing your job. However, what if the worst happened and you lost your job? What if that is a good thing? Well, maybe unemployment is the nudge we all need to get out and explore. To literally and figuratively become better people by following our passions. It does not necessarily mean concentrating on our skills. What should we follow? A passion or a skill? Maybe the answer requires coaching


Skills are essential, yeah but they are as pragmatic as wood is solid. Sometimes making sense isn’t as fun or pleasurable as running off into the sunset and following one’s passion. Maybe we all need that nudge to destabilize us and relaunch our passions into the center stage. Perhaps really the worst thing happening is not so bad. Maybe it’s just what we all need to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Unemployment could just be the one thing that would lead you to choose between a passion or skill. Please watch the video below to learn more about this topic. Additionally, for more on our take on passion or skill.




David Mania
David Maniahttp://maniainc.com
David Mania is an upcoming musician and blogger.

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