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Prime Day 2021 Deals That You Will Absolutely Love

Prime Day 2021 is slated for the 21st and 22nd of June and it’s a great opportunity to save big on products you need. We have made a list of the best Prime Day gadget deals on Mania Gadgets and I would like us to look at the best home, beauty, and overall deals for this year’s Prime Day. We love saving here at Mania Inc. We love saving so much that we created an entire site for deals and coupons called Mania Coupons. Prime Day this year came early and it’s the perfect opportunity to save big not only on Amazon but also on other retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. Let’s see what the Prime Day basket has for us this year.

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Apple Products

Apple products are on the higher end in pricing but that gets leveled out to a satisfactory extent during Prime Day. Apple products come 10-20% cheaper around Prime Day, presenting the perfect opportunity to get that Apple product you have always wanted. Prime Day is not only perfect for purchasing the latest iPhones and iPads, but it is also perfect for getting older Macbooks and devices. The deals are so good that we would advise you to go for the most recent product instead of an older version if it’s affordable, on Prime Day. The iPhone 12 Pro is a perfect example, it will be discounted well enough to come at nearly the price of the 12. As such, it is the best time to get yourself an iPhone 12 Pro or even the Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

This deal is one you should be on the lookout for. Add the item to your cart and wait for a few hours till Prime Day is here. Check availability and price on Amazon here.

Apple iMac

We love the new iMac. It’s the perfect time to get it. You can even do a trade-in and get extra savings. Check prices here.

Apple iPad 12.9″

The new M1-powered iPad is the best that has ever been released. Get it on Amazon here.

Amazon In-House Products

Most of the products on Amazon are products sold by third-party merchants. However, Amazon does sell some of its own products including Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Kindles, Ring, and Blink products among others. These will be heavily discounted on Prime Day and it is expected that some will even be discounted at 50% or more. Amazon Subscriptions will also have major discounts and on top of a free trial for Prime membership, customers can get discounted subscriptions to services such as Amazon Music.

Amazon Kindle

We recommend going for the Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle. You save more. Get the bundle here.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The latest version of the Fire TV Stick, 4K, is available here.

Amazon Echo Show 8

We recommend the Echo Show 8 bundle with Blink Mini. Get the bundle here.

Ring Video Doorbell

We recommend the Ring Video Doorbell (4th Gen) bundle with Ring Chime Pro. Get it here.

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums will be huge this Prime Day. Robot vacuums present a high-tech and fun way to clean your home. They are autonomous and a good robot vacuum will clean your house without you needing to intervene. This year Robot vacuums will be highly discounted and some have already started to be discounted at 20% and more. In normal circumstances, a robot vacuum can be expensive so we advise that you get one during Prime Day.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum is our favorite. It will transform how you clean your home and is very much a fun way of getting tidy. Get it here.

Uoni V980Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another favorite for us because it has a self-emptying dustbin. Check pricing on Amazon here.

Prime Day Tips

How we go about Prime Day is to find the products we need, add them to the cart, and wait to see if there is a notification of a price drop. You should be careful to not let the Prime Day period lapse. The best approach is to add products to your cart a day before Prime Day and wait for the day to see if there is a price drop. The benefit of doing this is also avoiding stockouts, periods when too many people are buying at the same time, and commotion while trying to find a product last minute. Remember you need a Prime subscription to enjoy these deals. Get a FREE 30-Day Prime Trial here. You can cancel anytime.

30-Day FREE Prime Trial


Home and Garden

Amazon have a wide selection of home and garden products and Prime Day is an amazing opportunity to get yourself furniture, plants, and decor pieces. We have some pieces we have been wanting to buy and these are already in our cart. Be strategic about the home and garden products you want to buy. These are high price items so have a list of what you need before getting on to Amazon to avoid overbuying.

The Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

This grill comes with a dual venting system and is an item we are looking to buy ourselves. Get it here.

Pulaski Leather Accent Chair

We love this chair and think it’s a perfect addition for interior decor that has a vintage and minimalist vibe. Get it here.

nuLOOM Rigo Handwoven Area Rug

Every space needs that special piece to accent it. We picked this rug because it’s handwoven and beautifully textured. Get it here.

POLY & BARK Girona Tanned Leather Sofa

Not all sofas are equal and when it’s a question of bringing a rustic touch to your home, we recommend a leather couch. We love this one in particular. Get it here.


Mother’s Day was not long ago and you can get some amazing deals on kitchen products on Prime Day. Kitchen products can be quite high-priced especially when looking for items such as appliances. Prime Day presents the perfect opportunity to get some of these high-priced products. Another way to get the most out of a big shopping event is to buy the pricier items first, then the less pricy ones to ensure that you do not go beyond your budget.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker is so good it can also make frozen yogurt. The consistency of the ice cream is good and the whole process is super easy. Get it here.

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Every good meal requires precision cooking. The Lodge Dutch Oven is perfect for ensuring a well-heated and evenly cooked meal. Get it here.

KITCHENAID Professional Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

Nothing makes baking a lot easier like finding a way to quickly, easily, and efficiently mix ingredients. A good mixer is a telltale of a good and dedicated cook. KITCHENAID make the best mixers and we love the 600 series in particular. Get it here.


Prime Day is the glam day. The deals that you get on makeup and beauty products on Prime Day are unmatched. Beauty products can be so many that you do not know which ones to get. As such, the trick is to ensure you get products from brands you know and trust. For all products on Amazon, the seller you buy from could be the difference between seamless returns and return issues for products that fall below expectations. A good brand will also have a link to its store on Amazon. Additionally, make sure you check the dates of manufacturing and delivery for the products on Amazon and even when the products arrive. This is a good way to avoid buying older versions of products, lengthy delivery times, and buying or using overstayed or expired products.

BS-MALL Makeup Brushes

Every makeup enthusiast needs the finest set of makeup brushes available. These are our picks. Get them here

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

We recommend this body scrub because it’s one of those products that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Get it here.

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

This patch is an amazing way to get rid of acne and pimples. Get it here.

Prime Day gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Make sure you do this Prime Day and get yourself some amazing items from Amazon. You can find more of our product recommendations on my Amazon Storefront. Don’t forget to check out our Prime Day 2021 gadget deals list. Make sure you are keen on your spending to avoid over-indulging or buying products you do not actually need. We wish you the very best Prime Day ever. Check out for more offers on our Offer’s page up top on the menu. Contact us if you have any inquiries and we will be glad to help. Enjoy!

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