Life is a gift, and to live and feel happy, we all have dreams that we seek to accomplish. These are deliverables that we set for ourselves as part of the expectation we have for our lives. Dreams or aspirations are a realization that we have much more potential than we may be expressing or showing. Having a dream also guides us towards the lives and achievements we seek even when there lack obvious ways to get there.


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Dreams are all about hard work, passion, dedication, determination, and commitment. Dreams are not handed out and cannot be preconfigured. Our dreams manifest themselves as we grow and learn what life can be like, what it is, and what we want it to be. The beauty of dreams is that they push us to become better and do better. Having a passion for photography or music, for instance, can guide an individual into turning their passion into skills. Success is the sum total of all little efforts that are input into a process or field of work. By planting tiny seeds of hard work and commitment, we can allow ourselves to grow and to nurture our dreams and

what we want to become. 

    Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, and today, that dream to end racial injustice and police brutality is manifesting. The seeds that he and many others planted through protests are today juggernaut movements that governments and oppressors are struggling to extinguish. At the time he was marching and fighting for the rights of people of color, his dream might have seemed bleak. He could have easily lost hope and given up the fight. However, he fought and overcame it. He planted, with a lot of dedication, a dream to have all races treated equally. His counterparts, like the late John Lewis, RIP, were living testaments to the fight and what it meant for black and colored minorities. The story of Black Lives Matter today is one that started centuries ago and is slowly culminating into change. We pray for all those who have lost their loved ones to racial injustice, and we urge everyone to keep up the fight. We must fight, and it is the only way to realize the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. 


Dreams inspire us to have the foresight and to set goals that we would want to achieve. Setting goals is just the first part of having a dream. The rest entails toil and hard work and believing in yourself and your dream even when everyone else does not seem to see it. Fighting for a dream can be disheartening, and those closest to you may not support you. They may lack the insight that you have, and since it is your dream, only you can truly see it. As such, even when you feel like the tide is set against you; like the system has become broken and that you are at a disadvantage, please don’t give up.


We all need tunnel vision and that burning desire to guide us into achieving our dreams. The onset and the work that needs to go in may seem humongous and straining, but the fruits of the culmination of a dream are utterly satisfying. Seeing your vision come to fruition makes all the pain, sweat, and tears worth it. The Bible says that “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). Such is fodder for a dreamer, real food for the soul.


Dreams are inward desires that cannot be put into words or manifested in the form before the dreamer has put all they have into the dream. Others can only see it after it has culminated and displayed, only then can it become observable. However, in hindsight, nobody ever truly understands what the dreamer goes through to reach the fruition of their dreams. The pain, toil, and tears remain in the shadows, and only the dreamer can honestly know how it feels to want something so bad. Through prayer and patience, God grants us our dreams, and we can then enjoy the fruits of our labor. The pain of being a dreamer is nothing compared to the joy and satisfaction that fruition brings. As such, we should all have strength in the comfort of knowing that our efforts today will bear fruit in God’s time.


We should not be so quick to wallow or lose hope. There is hope, and God will bless the work of our hands. God will bless the dreams of honest toil and pure dedication. Dedication to something is inherently giving all to that particular thing. It can be music, arts, a career, among others. Whatever it is, when you provide all the dedication you can and put your heart into it, your dreams will most certainly come true. Things may seem desolate, unfruitful, or bad, but it is only a matter of time. There is no x amount of years to achieve a dream, and this means the dreamer has to put in as much work as can be done. It ensures that there are increased chances of the dream coming true. By giving more than what is required, the dream becomes watered, so to speak and can then grow. 


Success is part of all of our destinies, and failure is part of succeeding. If you think about it, failure is the battle, and success is the war. As such, the more one fails, the better they know what not to do, and the more likely they are to succeed. Success is also a state of mind, if you have a dream and want it bad enough, you will give it your all. By simply giving your best, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that in your capacity, will, and ability, you have given the best possible. It means that you are more likely to reach your ultimate potential and not fail. When one pushes themselves and inputs quality, love, and commitment, the universe receives this energy and manifests it into success. 


    Be Ready For Your Blessing

The lack of giving it a shot is permanently losing without even trying. Goals are not scored by those who are outside the football field, and lotteries are not won by those who do not buy tickets. To succeed, you must try. Trying is a way of being ready for your blessing. Most times, we seek to be blessed but are not prepared for our blessings. You might want to succeed but lack the positioning to allow your success. For instance, you may want to have a bountiful harvest and have not prepared for your blessing by planting the seed, watering it, and weeding the fields. Getting ready for your blessing is enhancing the input you give as a way to allow the best environment to succeed.


To position yourself to grow, one needs to undergo coaching and get mentored. Having a mentor ensures that as a dreamer, you have a roadmap to success. There is wealth in experience, and people who have been there have seen what it means to succeed and even to fail. As such, they can be a wealth of knowledge on what to do and what not to do, or what is ineffective. It is also part of being ready for your blessing. Through mentorship, mentees can connect with achievers, network, and learn. These are the pillars of growth and success. To become successful, one must eat, breathe, sleep, and dream success. If you can see it, you can get it, and if you can do it, you can have it. May all your efforts bear fruit, and your dreams shine bright. The world needs your light. 


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