The ambiance or aura we exude or the ambiance emanating from us is what we project to the world. Life and the quality of the lives we are living can be excellent sources of an atmosphere that allows for productivity and prosperity. Like all beings in nature, we are affected by our surroundings. When we are in an optimal environment, we can be productive on a maximum level and vice versa.


What We’ll Discuss On This Article:


    Places and People

The ambiance of the places we live in and the people we interact with can affect how well we can acquire maximum fulfillment in our lives. Through interacting with people and spaces of a certain ambiance, we can pick or take away that energy with us and slowly let it become ours. Think of it this way; if you are in a perfume shop or beauty parlor, the ambiance there is all about grooming and beauty and all that. By being there and being there to groom or beautify oneself, the individual can carry this ambiance with them. As such, he or she can become better groomed or beautiful by being there to acquire and inculcate that ambiance into their lives. 



Nature is a blessing, and there is so much natural life in the world. There are so many oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, forests, wetlands, tropics, and the like. There is so much to see and feel. When we can travel, we can enter other ambiances and feel what they are like. For example, visiting a forest for a nature walk can be very fulfilling as it would allow the individual to sip in some of that natural and woody ambiance. The same holds for visiting the beach and letting the ocean breeze soak in. The experience is very beneficial, especially in terms of health and wellness.



As productive or working individuals, we can do well by allowing an ambiance that encourages work and productivity. Such an environment can help build an individual’s motivation. They can increase their productivity and allow for a mindset that promotes hard work and focus. Anyone studying or working needs concentration while trying to take in and accommodate knowledge or skills. For one to succeed, there need to be particular environments that channel the individual’s focus on their goals and what they are trying to achieve. The ambiance of a library, for example, can be conducive in terms of focus, concentration, and attentiveness.



On the other hand, when it comes to leisure and dealing with free time and relaxation, the ambiance needs to be calm, collected, and inviting. Think of a hammock on a beach or a lounge with cushy chairs and couches. Think of a tropical island somewhere with jet skis and kite surfers on the shoreline. Think of palm trees with mai tais being served just by the pool somewhere in Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Bali, Indonesia. These places and many others have that ambiance of relaxation, a cushy feel, and a laid-back touch when it comes to



    Quality Living

The ambiance that we live in or around can help improve the quality of our lives. Mostly, when you hear of quality of life, it relates to end of life care and care home facilitations. However, we should all be concerned with the quality of life. We should live, sorry to say, like people who are terminally ill and instead of waiting to be sick terminally to truly live our lives, start doing it today. It relates to the concept of ‘terminal days’ where we should all ensure that we work and reach our targets as sooner as possible and then allow ourselves the rest of the time to do what we set out to do. Having a bucket list can be the thing to do as it would allow one to spend their ‘terminal days’ doing something that they have wanted to for a while. The idea is to live life like there is no tomorrow and to do what we want to do today. Live now. Live today. Never tomorrow.



Life is all about taking the figurative bull by the horns and allowing yourself to be happy. Happiness is as much a choice as it is an eventuality. I don’t think happiness is a destination, but a state of mind and being. If I choose today will be my happiest day, then it can be. I wouldn’t need any physical facilitation or material things to be happy as I would just be. I would be happy by opening my mind and heart to the happiness that is already in my life. We should all do that, open our hearts and minds to the happiness that we already have instead of seeking other happiness. In all reality, there is no different happiness apart from our own, and the only happiness we can have is that we choose to have.



The mentality that we adopt is what determines how ambient and positive our lives will be. Think of it this way, computers and technology work on a ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ kind of system. When a user inputs something wrong, they get the incorrect output. Our lives are the same, and the ambiance we afford or give to our lives, and the input we give is what we will get back. In this light, being fulfilled or satisfied with life is allowing yourself fulfillment and satisfaction through working hard and following your passion. By allowing ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, we can let our lives to be fulfilling, satisfactory, positive, and positively ambient. 



Temples can be very ambient places where there is peace, calmness, and wellness. Spirituality, in itself creates an ambiance of hope, love, joy, and happiness. As such, by being in such places and visiting them to enter that ambiance, individuals can infuse their lives with it. An ambiance of peace, connectedness, hope, joy, fulfillment, and happiness. Thinking about it, that is why people visit places of worship as they can collectively create an ambiance that gives peace to all of them. Think of a Maasai ceremony and the growls that the morans make while they jump and swing their ornaments. The ambiance here is one of strength, togetherness, and culture. By visiting such communities and experiencing their customs and way of life, we can enrich our lives by becoming more cultured. We can see the bigger picture of life and the various perspectives to living, and the beauty that life can have and give to us. 


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