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The unmanned aerial vehicles or drones that law enforcement such as the police department in Virtual City is looking into can be used to keep officers safe and save lives. They can look for active shooters in the air more discreetly and are cheaper as compared to using helicopters. These drones can get used to undertake surveillance on an entirely new level.


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The technology is engaging and enjoyable. Even as it can be a little difficult to learn how to fly drones for the first time, piloting a drone can be a fun experience once the officers get used to the technology.


UAV offers new possibilities, perspectives, and ways to view the world. When cameras are attached to a drone, the police department will be able to see the world in numerous different ways.


Drones and UAV systems have tremendous potential when it comes to future development. Unmanned aerial systems could get used in numerous situations, including fire and rescue, pursuit, search and rescue, disaster relief, and temporary telecommunications.


Remote Surveillance technology creates employment. Out of drone technologies, there are indirect and direct opportunities available. The industry employs design specialists, pilots, part manufacturers, engineers, software developers, among others.



Drones are limited. Drones are limited in their potential for cargo and carrying items, which limits their ability to retrieve lost hardware. As such, drones are incapable of providing delivery of equipment and supplies and can only get used for observational benefits.


Unmanned Aerial Systems have legal issues. Due to the actions of some drone users, there are certain areas where the use of drones is deemed illegal.


UAV technology has implications for the environment. Drones can conflict with animals even during a flight, which is risky to those below the drone and the animal itself. The animals, mostly birds, can be harmed and can also damage the drone.


Drones can be vulnerable to accidents. Experienced pilots become expected to maximize drone technology benefits. On the other hand, for inexperienced pilots, the threat of accidents can be very high.


Remote Access technology is susceptible to abuse and hacking. Drones can get used as a way to infiltrate the technological systems of the police department.


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